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The quintessential Harrington Jacket: the G9 Baracuta. Over the years this garment has made a name for itself and become popular due to its versatility and classic, timeless style. Worn and loved by some of the most noteworthy men in recent history, it is a true style icon. Most sources state that the Harrington jacket was first designed in England in the year 1937 by John and Isaac Miller, the founders of Baracuta, in Manchester. The Miller brothers first made their name in rainwear and the fact that they both aspired to be accomplished golfers played a large role in the design of the Harrington jacket. The name “Harrington jacket” didn’t evolve until 1964 after a Baracuta G9 was worn by the actor Ryan O’Neal while essaying the role of Rodney Harrington in the TV series Peyton Place.

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