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15 Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
Relax, gentlemen, we understand: it’s hard for us men to openly show affection, even to the man (along with some invaluable assistance from your mother) to whom you owe your…
Jun 7, 2017
by SF9 Admin

15 Gifts for Fathers-day-flatlay

Relax, gentlemen, we understand: it's hard for us men to openly show affection, even to the man (along with some invaluable assistance from your mother) to whom you owe your very existence. But, with Father’s Day looming large on the horizon, what better time to show your dad just how much he means to you?

Resorting to a last-minute gift such as a fragrance box-set or, worse still, yet another ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug is the equivalent of picking up a petrol forecourt bouquet for Valentine’s Day. So, instead, why not up the ante this year and opt for something a little more special, a gift that your father will genuinely appreciate? Cast a speculative eye over our score of Father’s Day gift ideas and go and work on that man hug!

1. Belroy - Teal Note Sleeve Wallet

The perfect fusion of form and function, a sleek yet understated leather wallet will make a stylish gift this Father’s Day.


2. Louis Copeland - Navy Circle Dotted Cufflink

While novelty cufflinks should generally be discouraged (anything Premier League, GAA or Simpsons-related is a definite no-no), this small sartorial detail is the perfect way to elevate a double-cuff shirt from ordinary to extraordinary.


3. Stenstroms - Brown Geometric Pattern Wool Pocket Square

Let your father channel his inner Don Draper, Mad Men’s suave protagonist - whose jackets invariably boast a defining flash of silk - with one of the most dapper element of a gentleman’s wardrobe: the pocket square. A non-functional but seriously stylish accessory it’s not there to blow his nose on, but to announce, subtly, that he cares.


4. Louis Copeland - Navy Micro Check Polka Dot Silk Tie

Now the tie is no longer a mandatory accessory, it has become more of a statement of personal style. And that’s why it pays to pick one with the utmost of care. Whether it’s a classic plain, a daring patterned design or something with a pop of colour, a great tie will always ensure the wearer is ahead by a neck.


5. GANT - Black Swim Shorts

With the summer season in full swing, there’s no better time to treat your father to some new swimwear. Whether he’ll be holidaying in Dubai or Dollymount, he won’t let the sartorial side down with a pair of natty swim shorts.


6. GANT - Beige Summer Shorts

The knobbliest of knees will still receive admiring glances in Gant’s new range of shorts, which are available in various colours, from discreet to daring.


7. MMX - Lynx Navy Cotton Chinos

Such is the chameleon quality of chinos that you’re just as likely to see them on a youthful city slicker as a style-aware seasoned veteran. And despite their ubiquity (which confirms their popularity), a well-designed version, such as these navy cotton chinos by MMX, have the sort of chic classicism that makes them a brilliant investment and a perfect gift.


8. GANT - Bari Grey Twill Sneaker

Wearing trainers may be packaged, along with red sports cars and skinny jeans, as a sign of a mid-life crisis but an elegant pair, such as Gant’s twill Bari sneakers, proves that casual footwear is not just the preserve of the under-40s.


9. Swims - Navy and White Laced Loafer

Proving that summer footwear and elegance can be mutually compatible, Swims’ laced loafers with contrasting stitching are the perfect summer accessory.


10. GANT - Parker Navy Suede Shoes

A well-shod gentleman knows the power of a subliminal style message. Gant’s navy suede Parker shoes look equally at home at the base of a pair of well-cut chinos as they do when teamed with elegant summer shorts.


11. Barbour - Blue Sports Polo Mix Shirt

In the heat of summer, a classic polo T-shirt will always keep the wearer looking and feeling cool. But buy cheap and, invariably, you’ll buy twice. A finely crafted design, such as Barbour’s, will see your father through this summer and many, many more to follow.


12. Smyth & Gibson - White Weave Tailored Fit Shirt

The classic white shirt feeds our need to go back to basics. It represents effortless elegance in a culture jaded by logos, labels and bling. Best of all, a white shirt allows the wearer to be the focus – you wear it, it never wears you.


13. Louis Copeland - Red Linen Tailored Fit Shirt

The problem with a bold patterned shirt, regardless of how on-trend it is, is that the wearer is always at risk of looking like they belong on a Miami tour bus. Tone the look down – and preserve your father’s impeccable style credentials – with a mono-colour design, such as this tailored fit linen shirt.


14. Louis Copeland - Brown Weave Sports Jacket

Whether worn with grey slacks or cream chinos, the blazer is the great go-anywhere, do-anything jacket; always smart and body-defining with either a collar and tie, a roll-neck sweater or, when the mercury rises, a tailored polo shirt.


15. Louis Copeland - Gift Card

We can all agree that some dad's are just impossible to buy for. The last thing you want to see next Christmas day is your unwanted Father's Day present being re-gifted back to someone else in the family. A gift card can solve all those problems and will allow your father buy something he really wants.


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