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Best Men's Coats for 2021
It’s set to be a cold winter this year. Let us guide you through how to stay warm in style with our specially selected men’s jackets, overcoats, and parkas that range from lightweight to heavyweight.
Nov 9, 2020
by Louis Copeland

The forecast for winter 2020/2021 suggests it’s going to be a cold one, with snow even forecasted for many regions. As the temperature changes, so should your wardrobe. That means every man needs a suitable winter coat this season.

Your go-to winter coat will be one of the most functional parts of your winter outfit so it’s crucial that you get one that ticks all the boxes. It needs to be sufficiently warm, breathable enough so that it doesn’t become uncomfortable, and flexible when it comes to style so it can go with any outfit.

Winter coats make a big statement on your whole look and tend to dominate the outfit. It’s your statement piece.

While many of us are working from home this year and visiting places we used to less often, we’re spending much more time outdoors in our local towns, parks, and forests. A new winter coat can also motivate you to get out more during the cold months and get away from the laptop screen. Just because we’ve had to restrict our movements this year doesn’t mean we should neglect the outdoors, in fact, we need to embrace it even more.

Do I Need Only One Winter Coat?

You should have options in your wardrobe so you can dress for different occasions. There’s also a lot of variation when it comes to the style of winter jackets. From parkas and raincoats to jackets and overcoats, there’s a lot to consider, but you can make it easier by matching each coat to different aspects of your lifestyle.

At the very least you’ll want your go-to coat for battling harsher elements to be separate to your more signature style piece. And you always want to have that one luxury overcoat that you break out when wearing your finest suit.

We’ll run through some of the best men’s coats and jackets for this season including picks from brands such as the biker-inspired Belstaff to luxury Italian overcoats by Lubiam.

The Classic Overcoat

The overcoat is a timeless classic that’s flexible enough to go with any winter outfit. Whether you’re combining it with a formal suit or casual sneakers and jeans, a durable overcoat can bring any outfit together.

Like many men’s coats, the long overcoat has its roots in military history when it was often worn to signify social and military status. World War I brought full length overcoats and trench coats as standard issue for soldiers. The overcoat then developed into a working class staple where the body-fitted style of old was discarded in favour of the looser and more functional look.

The overcoat is a staple that isn’t going away. Any man who owns a suit needs to have a suitable overcoat to compliment. As the months get colder, the overcoat might be the only visible part of your formal outfit so investing in a quality overcoat should be the first port of call when shopping for a winter coat.

Your overcoat will last longer than your suit, so it’s worth investing in a good quality overcoat that pairs well with your favourite style of suit. Get one that drapes well. Generally, if you’re taller, go with something knee length or longer, and if you’re shorter, go with knee length or shorter. The double breasted overcoat can be worn well over a suit, but can also work really well with casual weekend attire.