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Smart-Casual Shoes - Complete Guide

Smart-Casual Shoes - Complete Guide

The smart-casual dress code has become the default for many offices throughout the world and as such, the entirety of men’s wardrobes have shifted towards a more relaxed office attire. Here at Louis Copeland and Sons we can direct you towards the best and most appropriate footwear for all lifestyles from sneakers, dress shoes, loafers and boots

The smart-casual dress code has become the default for many offices throughout the world and as such, the entirety of men’s wardrobes have shifted towards a more relaxed office attire. However, a proper set of footwear is always required. 



Despite the office not being the place to wear your beat up gym shoes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a comfortable and sporty shoe. This is where a classic minimal leather sneaker steps in. By opting for a leather sneaker in a cleaner and more minimalist style, they won’t clash with the rest of your ensemble. We recommend getting a pair of clean simple men's white sneakers like the Sprinter from Loake as they are highly versatile and will go with everything in your wardrobe. If you are worried about keeping them clean, why not opt for a suede leather in navy or brown from our own Louis Copeland line of shoes as like the Loake Sprinter, it will pair very well with other items in your wardrobe and still remain office appropriate.


Depending on your profession and your office environment, you may need to opt for a more formal dress shoe with your day-to-day office attire or for that odd client or partners meeting. As such, you should have a good well-made pair of men's dress shoes in your wardrobe for such an occasion. Although you may only need them every once in a while, we would highly recommend investing in a good pair of dress shoes, after all, it’s better to buy one good pair of shoes rather than four cheap ones. When it comes to dress shoes, there is a very wide spectrum of choice. As such, we would recommend opting for a classic derby shoe or double monk from Magnanni. Both styles of shoes are ideal as either work with both smart-casual and business ensembles.  


A classic leather loafer is the absolute epitome of a smart casual shoe. Effortlessly versatile and can blend between formal and casual ensembles, a loafer will be your best friend for a smart-casual ensemble. Loafers come in a wide variety of different styles, colourways and materials but we recommend opting for a classic penny loafer and tassel loafer as these will be the most versatile styles. The classic penny loafer style has endured for decades and the Magnanni Slip-On Loafer pairs nicely with chinos, jeans or formal suit trousers. In contrast, the tassel loafer is a lovely twist on the loafer as the tassel on the vamp adds great character to the shoe. The Russell loafer from Loake is the perfect options when you put your office ensemble together. 


A nice boot for men is always a welcome addition to a wardrobe as it will help give a more rugged edge to an ensemble. Opting for a smarter boot that will better fit in with your office environment is always a smart choice. A simple slip-on open-walker ankle boot from Moreschi or Stemar have both become a must-have amongst our staff and customers due to great built quality, the softness of the suede and the absolutely unbeatable comfort. If the open-walkers don’t quite catch your eye, a classic chukka ankle boot from Magnanni in dark brown suede is a perfect alternative. These boots were favoured by the likes of Steve McQueen due to the comfort and enduring style these ankle boots offer.

There are many different styles of shoes to choose from for a smart-casual ensemble. Despite this, we believe that the above styles are best suited for the new default office attire and all have the ability to blend into different levels of formality as well, helping you get your money’s worth. All styles discussed are available for purchase on our online store.