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Sports Jackets & How to Wear Them

Sports Jackets & How to Wear Them

A classic sports jacket or blazer for men is a hugely versatile piece of clothing in a wardrobe. Learn tips and tricks on how to wear this classic wardrobe essential along with different styles you can adapt to make the most of your sports jackets.

A classic sports jacket or blazer for men is a hugely versatile piece of clothing in a wardrobe. When the occasion calls for a more formal ensemble but a suit is too dressy the ability to pair one jacket with a variety of different items makes a mans sports jacket or blazer a wardrobe essential. Paired with a shirt, trouser and shoe combinations makes it a hugely important piece of clothing. The best thing about them is that you can go very subtle and conservative or opt for something big and bold, all work tremendously well. A classic sports jacket seems to be the garment of choice for many now that office attire has shifted towards a more smart-casual ensemble.

1. Plain Sports Jacket

The variations for this jacket are unlimited as you’re limited by only your imagination. This particular jacket can suit all seasons and will be dependent on your choice of cloth. We would always recommend if you opt for a standalone jacket, definitely try to pick a jacket with some texture as this will differentiate it from being a normal suit jacket. Despite opting for a plain jacket, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with colour and texture. Browns, greens, tans and lighter shades of blue are great starting places as all will work very nicely with other items in your wardrobe. For the spring and summer, lightweight breathable wools, cottons, silk and linens are your friends. In contrast, during the autumn winter, heavier worsted wools or tweeds and cashmere are what you should be reaching for. Every man needs a few simple sports jackets in their wardrobe.  

2. Patterned Sports Jacket

A patterned men's sports jacket is something that many won’t reach for first. As such, when you do wear one, you will truly stand out from the crowd as a bolder pattern will help attract the eyes of on-lookers. However, you can go two ways with a patterned sports jacket - understated and simple or big and bold. Many members of our staff will go one way or another in line with their own personal style but that is the beauty of a garment such as this - you are only limited by your imagination. We would recommend going for a patterned jacket as it will add great character, depth and intrigue to your ensembles as it will make you stand out. In terms of colour, like before browns, greens, tans and lighter shades of blue are great places to start as all will pair nicely with items you already have in your wardrobe. In terms of patterns, a classic glen check or Prince of Wales check are great places to start, but definitely consider the scale of the pattern - you don’t want to go for anything too big straight off, opt for a medium scale check and work on from there. However, don’t be afraid to take a risk.  

3. Men's Blazer

A classic men's blazer, in its traditional form, is a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket in a navy fabric, that can typically be adorned with silver, brass or gold embossed buttons and perhaps paired with a club crest. This particular style of jacket won’t come with a matching pair of trousers as it is meant to be worn as separates. The fabric of the jacket will come in a navy colour, typically wool, but the style cloth can vary; serge, worsted, hopsack, flannel, herringbone, twill amongst others. This particular type of jacket would be the most formal of men's sports jackets and looks great all year long, especially during the summer when you lean into a more nautical style. 


A men's sports jacket can be paired with pretty much everything, for every level of formality. This is due to the fact that since the jacket doesn’t have a matching pair of trousers, you need to combine it with separates. This will give you a much greater amount of flexibility and you can utilise pieces you have already in your wardrobe - both casual pieces like chinos and jeans and formal pieces like standalone trousers and suit trousers. 


For a classic casual look, we recommend to pair your sports jacket with a pair of dark denim jeans. This is a great casual look whether you’re just going for a walk in the park while on your lunch break, grabbing a few pints with the lads at the weekend or going for dinner with your significant other, it’s a classic look that always looks good. Denim from the likes of Jacob CohenRichard J Brown7 For All Mankind and MMX are great options for quality denim. Pair both with a nice, crisp shirt and boots or loafers and you have a great look that will suit every man. 


For a smart-casual look, we would recommend pairing your jacket with a pair of cotton chinos. The chinos help to give a more formal look while still being casual in style. The colour of chinos will depend on the colour of sports jacket you go for but chinos in beige, navy, grey, brown or green are all versatile shades that will pair nicely with a variety of different jackets. This is perfect for office attire.  Chinos from the likes of PT01MMXDressler and Brax are all great choices for a study and versatile pair of chinos. Combine the chinos and jacket with a crisp shirt and finish off the look with a pair of open-walkers, loafers or minimal sneakers for a great look all year round.


Although sports jackets for men are more casual garment, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in a more formal way. This is where you bring in your standalone slacks or trousers from your suits come into play as all will pair nicely with your sports jacket. This look is best suited for more formal occasions such as a wedding guest. Like with the casual and smart casual looks, navy, grey, brown and tans will pair nicely with a host of different jackets. Trousers from the likes of CanaliMMX and our own Louis Copeland line will combine very well with your jacket. Finish off the look with a nice pressed shirt, possibly a tie and good pair of shoes - loafers, oxfords, derbies or whatever suits your fancy. 

We have a lovely range of sports jackets on our website and in-store. However, if you want something more specific, we have thousands of fabrics to choose from through our Made-To-Measure service from some of the best mills in the world such as Loro Piana and Guabello amongst others.