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Tips for Louis Copeland & Sons Made to Measure Suits

Tips for Louis Copeland & Sons Made to Measure Suits

There is nothing quite like a made-to-measure suit. Putting on a tailor made suit that drapes over your body beautifully, which gives you great shape by making your shoulders broad and your waist slim. Whether you go for a classic 2-piece, dinner suit (tuxedo) or even a casual sports jacket, a garment made specifically to cater to the nuisances of your body will give you great pride in your appearance. Despite this, we have some tips to ensure that your made-to-measure garment will be the first of many more. 


We believe planning to be a crucial step of the whole process. What is the occasion? What time of year is it for? How much wear will I get out of it? Do I have an idea of what I want? The answer to these questions help guide us in creating your bespoke tailored suit. By understanding the occasion for which the garment is for, the season of the year in which it will be worn, the future use it will get and having a solid idea of what you’re looking for are just some of the things that are great to know before coming in-store. 


At louis Copeland and Sons' made to measure experience we have thousands of fabrics to choose from. To ensure you get the most from our professional tailors consider these questions before your visit. If you are getting married in the summer in Portugal, the likes of a heavy wool flannel won’t be the best choice. If you’re looking for a year-round sports jacket for work for Ireland, a very light linen wouldn’t be the best option. Therefore, having an understanding of the occasion and time of year is crucial and our tailoring experts will guide you through the process and establish the best options for your needs.  


With our Made to Measure service the options are endless and it's your opportunity to create something truly unique. That being said, you may also want to consider the versatility of your garments for future use. A classic navy or grey made to measure blazer will be highly versatile as they can be easily paired with a variety of items in your wardrobe. Take into consideration the amount of use you will get after the main occasion has passed. For instance, a classic navy suit in a medium weight fabric for your wedding will be able to be worn in a variety of different ways by mixing and matching with other items in your wardrobe all year long. Wear it as a full suit, swap out the trousers for a classic grey for the quintessential menswear uniform, pair the jacket with chinos or jeans for a casual look - the list goes on. 


Using Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and television are valuable tools that will help tremendously before placing your order. These will all help to consolidate your ideas and create a tangible look. Whether you want to look like David Beckham from one of his many bespoke tailor made suits at Wimbledon or Daniel Craig from one of his James Bond films to a particular look that caught your eye on Instagram or Pinterest, having an image from which you draw inspiration is a great aid. An image of what you want to look like can ensure you get the right suit for you. Besides these platforms, look to our staff members for inspiration and advice as all have their own styles and will be more than happy to talk about what they recommend.


One thing that you need to consider is time. We recommend booking an appointment four to six months before your event. This gives you a month to come in, talk about the whole process, look at fabrics, narrow down your choices and then place the order with plenty of time for the garment to be made. The garments will typically take between six to eight weeks to be made.

We look forward to seeing you! You can Book an appointment directly in the store of your choice HERE or if you'd like more information you can call us in one of our stores, find all of our store details: HERE