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Your Working from Home Style Guide for Men

Your Working from Home Style Guide for Men

How to look professional and polished while staying relaxed and comfortable in your home office...

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Combine comfort with professional style

When you’re working from home you want to be comfortable. But you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look professional. You can still dress for success with a few tweaks to your regular working week wardrobe.

Psychologically, it’s also important to ensure you’re emulating what you would wear to the office while working remotely. Dressing suitably for work can help you keep focused, stay productive, and feel good during the day. Most offices are connecting through video calls or zoom meetings these days so you want to be conscious of your appearance and respectful to the occasion.

Your working from home wardrobe doesn’t need to be complicated though. By combining some of our picks below, you can assemble some smart and stylish outfits to wear in your home office. We’ll go through some staple picks in our work from home wardrobe essentials and discuss why they work.

Our style specialist has also paired together some great picks for what to wear on top, middle, and bottom in his working from home outfit style picks.

Solid colour polos and t-shirts are good foundations

Solid colour polos and t-shirts start your outfit off with a polished look. Classic colours like navy or white are the core building blocks in a smart business casual outfit. Avoid louder colours that distract from the professional simplicity of the look.

Solid colours are a more professional choice than patterns or graphic t-shirts for obvious reasons. Start with neutral colours and build out from there. You can add more bold colours to your outfit to make a statement, but you can only draw attention to those if you have the core neutral building blocks in place.



Fitted shirts

Shirts that fit your body type are more appropriate than baggier clothing. A fitted shirt is an easy way to show a professional style and classic solid colour shirts like navy, blue, or white are recommended.

There’s a psychological reason for wearing a solid white shirt that’s rooted in our social history. Men who wore white were said to do more work with their mind than with their hands, so they could wear white without getting it stained.

It’s a concept that has informed how men have dressed for years and the simple white oxford or neutral button-down shirt is a perfect addition to your work from home wardrobe. See our picks for men’s shirts for your working from home outfit:



Go for knitted cardigans and jumpers

Knitted tops are a nice compliment to a more relaxed working environment. Rather than going for the traditional blazer you’re used to, subbing in a knitted cardigan or jumper is a nice finish.

Knitted cardigans or swackets (combination of sweater and jacket) blend the line between work and home - formal and casual. When you need to look presentable but stay comfortable, there are some great choices in brands like Maurizio Baldassari, Gran Sasso, and Belstaff.

Check out our top swacket and cardigan picks for the new WFH culture.



Jeans or chinos

Jeans or chinos are the way to go when working from home. Go for comfort and something that’s breathable.

The fact is if you're working from home and making video calls, co-workers can only see your top half. However, as we’ve mentioned, dressing the part can still help you stay productive and motivated throughout the day.

So ditch the track pants and go for something smart and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with a pair of dark denim jeans or a simple slim fit chino.



Maximize comfort and style with sneakers

Putting on the right footwear can help switch on your working brain. Again, you should go for comfort and style here as opposed to more formal footwear.

A pair of comfortable and stylish canvas sneakers are your best bet. They’re not only comfortable, but you can pair them with almost every outfit - smart, casual, or athleisure. Try a simple sneaker that leaves you options to combine with the rest of your wardrobe:





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