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Our expert team will arrange an online call at a time and in a way convenient to you


A curated selection of items will be sent to the comfort of your own home/office. Here you can try them on, keep what you want and return what does not fit for free


  • Time-saving: Our team takes the heavy lifting from online shopping and looks after all the picking of products and brands, ensuring you get the most out of your wardrobe and saving you time. We have mastered this instore!
  • Expert advice: Our team are experts when it comes to selecting the right products, brands, and fits for our customers. We offer valuable wardrobe recommendations and advice to get the most value for money.
  • Personalised experience: From the consultation call our team will get to understand your size, fit, and style. From this, we will create tailored outfits and product selections to send to you to try on. We can then organise free returns or exchange any sizes needed.
  • Access to exclusive items: We take pride in the brands and suppliers we sell here at Louis Copeland and Sons. Our team will be able to give you access to exclusive items and brands, only available at Louis Copeland and Sons.


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""Not having time to shop was a significant constraint for me considering my busy work life, but this virtual service is seamless and hassle-free. The personal shopping experience effortlessly provided convenience and accessibility to many outfit options. I'm eagerly looking forward to using this service again in the future".

- Brandan T

"I opted to try this service as I needed some items to wear into the office and did not have time to go into one of the stores. Aaron's grasp of my style, coupled with his guidance, led to an unbelievable array of outfits delivered right to my door. This service truly helped with my wardrobe problem, A definite five-star experience".
- Kieron S
"I needed some options for a special occasion and off the back of one call a selection of outfits arrived at my office to conveniently try on. Returns were just as smooth, with unwanted items or items that needed to be altered were collected free of charge from my door. This service's efficiency saved time and boosted my confidence for this occasion".
- Fred P

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At Louis Copeland and Sons we cater to everyman, including men who may find it challenging to find standard-sized garments that fit comfortably and make you feel confident. Remember, fashion is for everyone, Louis Copeland and Sons ensures that every individual has access to clothing that fits their unique body type and expresses their personal style.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a personal shopping service?

Louis Copeland and Sons offers a personalised shopping service where our experienced professionals assist individuals in choosing and acquiring items that align with their preferences, requirements, and budget. Our team specialises in fashion, providing tailored guidance and personalised recommendations to ensure our clients discover the perfect products for their needs.

Can I get clothes altered after purchase

Yes, at Louis Copeland and Sons, we offer an alteration service for the garments purchased through our personalized shopping service. We understand that the perfect fit is essential, and our expert tailors are available to make necessary adjustments to ensure your clothing fits you perfectly. Whether it's a minor alteration or a more significant adjustment, our skilled team will work closely with you to achieve the ideal fit and ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.

How do I send back products I don't want

Returns could not be any easier, just repackage the products which you do not want to keep into our Louis Copeland and Sons box, seal the box with seletape and one we will supply you with a DHL tag. Post the package back to us and we will process the return in 3-5 working days.


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