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Men's Jackets, Blazers & Sports Jackets: A Guide to Enhancing Your Wardrobe

Men's Jackets, Blazers & Sports Jackets: A Guide to Enhancing Your Wardrobe

Step into the world of men's jackets with our ultimate guide. In this blog, we'll take you on an adventure to uncover the differences between various jacket styles, provide essential tips on how to rock each type effortlessly, and explore the captivating realm of fabrics and weights that breathe life into these stylish garments. Get ready to expand your knowledge, develop a keen eye for fashion, and discover the secrets to creating impeccable outfits with men's jackets.

Types of Jackets:

Blazer's :

In the traditional sense, blazers were characterized as jackets with solid colours and metallic buttons. Positioned between the formal elegance of suit jackets and the casual vibe of sports jackets, blazers tend to lean towards a more polished look. Their versatility shines through as they effortlessly complement a variety of trousers, from jeans to chinos. With an extensive array of colours, patterns, and fabrics to choose from, Blazers offer a relaxed yet refined aesthetic. This makes them a fitting choice for a wide range of settings, seamlessly transitioning between professional and casual occasions.

Dress Jacket:

The dress jacket, also referred to as a tuxedo jacket or black tie jacket, is primarily worn for formal evening events. It is commonly associated with black or midnight blue colours, satin or silk lapels, and is frequently paired with a bow tie. This elegant garment is a staple for upscale occasions, such as black-tie affairs, weddings, and galas. The dress jacket is known for its tailored fit, refined silhouette, and meticulous attention to detail. It typically showcases structured shoulders, a single-breasted or double-breasted front with buttons, and notch or peak lapels. Subtle patterns or textures may also be incorporated into its design. To create a cohesive and sophisticated look, it is crucial to pair the dress jacket with matching trousers, a dress shirt, and appropriate accessories like a tie or bow tie. Completing the ensemble with well-coordinated dress shoes and accessories adds the final touch of refinement.

Sports Jacket:

Sports jackets provide a more relaxed alternative to suit jackets, much like blazers. They are often crafted from textured fabrics like tweed or herringbone, incorporating distinct patterns and colours. Sports jackets are well-suited for smart-casual or outdoor occasions, combining comfort and style. Typically, they are paired with coordinating trousers in a complementary solid fabric. Moreover, sports jackets are available in various weights and textures suitable for different seasons, including Autumn, winter, spring, and summer. Being the most versatile garment in your closet, a sports jacket can be worn with dress slacks and a tie for a polished look or effortlessly paired with jeans for a more casual aesthetic. The sport jacket offers both style and flexibility, effectively extending your wardrobe options.

Single breasted Suit Jacket:

The single-breasted jacket is a versatile and classic choice that holds a prominent position among men's fashion. It exudes a sleek and timeless aesthetic with its single row of buttons, usually ranging from two to three, adorning the front. When it comes to lapel options, notched lapels are the most common choice, although single-breasted jackets can also feature peaked or shawl lapels to accommodate personal preferences. Whether for formal gatherings or semi-formal events, single-breasted jackets seamlessly adapt, making them an essential addition to any gentleman's wardrobe. Their ability to effortlessly blend style and sophistication ensures their must-have status in the realm of men's fashion.

Double Breasted Suit Jacket:

The double-breasted suit jacket offers a refined and authoritative look, making it an excellent choice for those seeking sophistication. This style showcases two parallel rows of buttons, creating an overlapping front that enhances the jacket's structured and elegant silhouette. Double-breasted jackets are often synonymous with formal occasions, including black-tie affairs or significant business meetings. Typically, they feature 4, 6, or 8 buttons, with 6 buttons being the most common configuration. Peaked lapels are typically the preferred choice for double-breasted jackets, adding to their elevated appearance. It is worth noting that the first row of buttons is functional, while the second row is ornamental, further contributing to the jacket's distinct style.

Styling Your Jackets For Different Occasions

Day to Day Wear

When it comes to everyday wear and social outings, jackets are the key to achieving a stylish look. For casualwear, the go-to option for styling is often a sports jacket. This versatile piece can be paired with chinos or jeans for a relaxed and informal appearance. To complete the ensemble, layer it with a light piece of knitwear or a comfortable crewneck t-shirt underneath. To maintain a trendy yet casual vibe, we recommend opting for a pair of sneakers to complement the overall outfit. With this combination, you can effortlessly exude both comfort and style, making a fashion statement wherever you go.

Sports Jacket Outfit

Smart Casualwear

Jackets offer a versatile option that can be adapted to formal settings with a touch of informality. In such situations, the most popular choices are blazers or sports jackets, available in both single and double-breasted styles. To achieve a smart casual look, we recommend pairing the jacket with a well-fitted shirt and either chinos or formal trousers. Complete the ensemble with a pair of loafers to maintain a relaxed and casual vibe. This combination of garments is ideal for a range of events, including formal gatherings, semi-formal occasions like destination weddings, and even as part of stylish work outfits. Embrace the flexibility of jackets and elevate your style for these exciting events with ease.

Dressing to impress: Formal occasions and black-tie affairs

Whether you're a groom preparing for your big day, a member of the wedding party, or attending a swanky black-tie event, Louis Copeland and Sons is here to ensure you look your absolute best. Our expertise lies in dressing you for these special occasions. When it comes to formal events, a tuxedo-style jacket is a popular choice. Typically, tuxedo jackets are paired with a crisp dress shirt and formal trousers, creating a sophisticated ensemble. Many opt to complete the look with a stylish bow tie, adding an extra touch of elegance. Trust us to make you feel confident and dapper for these unforgettable moments.

Tuxedo Jacket

Prints, Colours, Fabrics, and Weights: Choosing the Perfect Jacket at Louis Copeland and Sons

At Louis Copeland and Sons, we prioritize offering jackets crafted from the highest quality materials with exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring durability and timeless style. Our range of fabrics caters to different seasons and preferences, allowing you to enjoy jackets throughout the year. Here are some of the fabrics we offer, including blends for enhanced breathability and comfort:

  • Wool: Versatile, durable, and naturally breathable, wool is the top choice for suit jackets. It comes in various weights, such as lightweight tropical wool for warmer climates and heavier options for colder seasons.
  • Tweed: Known for its textured appearance, tweed is a robust fabric popular in country or winter-themed suits. It provides warmth and evokes a rustic or traditional style.
  • Cotton: Perfect for warmer climates or casual occasions, cotton suits offer comfort, breathability, and a relaxed look.
  • Linen: Ideal for summer events, linen jackets are lightweight and breathable, effortlessly delivering a relaxed and stylish aesthetic.

When it comes to colors, we offer classic options that allow individuals to express their personal style and adapt to different occasions. Some popular choices include:

  • Navy: A versatile staple in men's suiting suitable for various settings, from professional to social events.
  • Charcoal Gray: Timeless and elegant, charcoal gray suits exude sophistication, making them ideal for formal occasions and business settings.
  • Black: Associated with formal events like black-tie affairs, black suits convey a sense of sophistication and formality.

While classic colours remain popular, there has been a growing demand for more playful hues, especially in sports jackets. This year, shades like Aqua Blue and Red have been among our best-sellers, reflecting a fashion-forward choice. Another trend gaining momentum, particularly for grooms, is the white tuxedo jacket paired with a white dress shirt and black formal trousers.

Image by @wildfernphoto

Patterns also play a role in adding visual interest to suit jackets. Some common options include:

  • Solid: Versatile and timeless, solid-colored jackets make it easy to pair with different shirts and accessories.
  • Pinstripe: Thin vertical stripes in pinstripe suits add a subtle touch of sophistication and formality.
  • Herringbone: Herringbone patterns create a distinctive zigzag texture, offering a classic and refined look.
  • Check: Check suit jackets feature a checkered pattern, adding personality and visual interest to outfits. They come in various styles, colors, and fabrics, making them a fashionable choice for statement-making looks.

Made To Mesure Jackets

At Louis Copeland and Sons, we take pride in offering a made-to-measure service that allows you to create garments tailored perfectly to your exact measurements and individual style. When you opt for a bespoke jacket with us, our team of experts will collaborate closely with you. We will gather your precise measurements, guide you in selecting the ideal fabrics, buttons, and linings, and ensure every detail aligns with your preferences.

To add a truly personalized touch, we offer unique embroidery options. Imagine having a special date delicately stitched on the inside of the collar or your name elegantly placed on the inside pocket. The choice is yours, as we strive to bring your vision to life.

Our made-to-measure service ensures that your jacket not only fits impeccably but also reflects your distinctive taste and personality. Trust our expertise and craftsmanship to deliver a garment that exudes elegance and tells your unique story.

The importance of choosing the right suit jacket cannot be overstated when it comes to achieving a polished and refined appearance. By familiarizing yourself with the various types of suit jackets available, you can confidently make the perfect style selection for any occasion. Whether you're preparing for a business meeting, a formal gala, or anything in between, the right suit jacket will elevate your overall style and leave a lasting impression.


Take the time to explore the different suit jacket styles, considering factors such as your personal preferences and the dress code of the event. Whether it's a single-breasted suit jacket exuding sophistication or a double-breasted tuxedo jacket evoking timeless elegance, finding the perfect fit will set you on the right path.


Remember, a well-chosen suit jacket not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your confidence. So, delve into the world of jackets, and embrace your personal style.