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Louis Copeland and Sons Celebrate 90 Years in Business

Louis Copeland and Sons Celebrate 90 Years in Business

Join us in celebrating 90 years of business excellence at Louis Copeland and Sons. Discover the stories of our exceptional staff members who have shaped our company's unique identity.

Louis Copeland Store Capel St

Louis Copeland and Sons are proud to  be celebrating 90 years in business. As part of our momentous 90th-year celebrations, we have created this blog to honour the exceptional staff members who have played a vital role in our company's success. Throughout this blog, you will encounter familiar faces from our historic locations in Dublin, Cork, and Galway. We delve into the stories of our staff, sharing insights into their experiences and journeys that led them to become integral members of our organisation . By introducing our dedicated team members, this blog provides a glimpse into their diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences, which have significantly contributed to shaping the unique identity of our company. Join us in this celebratory tribute as we recognize and celebrate the remarkable individuals who have been instrumental in our 90 years of business excellence.

Louis Copeland Snr & Louis Copeland Jnr

Louis Snr began working with his Dad in the very first Louis Copeland and sons store in the late 1960s. Louis Snr has grown up surrounded by the menswear and tailoring industry as a young boy when his grandad had the workshop, to when his dad took over and he would be involved in sweeping the floor and running errands. Louis Snr truly has been involved in every aspect of the family business his heart remains with the retail side of the business, he likes to be on the shop floor dealing with customers. Louis Snr has been very lucky to have the pleasure of suiting many celebrities over the years, however he is grateful to each and every customer, the men on the street that shop in store with whom he has made valuable relationships over the years. Louis Snr spends seven days a week devoted to his Capel St store ensuring he gets to accommodate all of his customers and ensure business is running smoothly. Louis Jnr, following in his father's dedicated footsteps, has been actively engaged with the company from a young age. Fondly reminiscing about the banter and messing between the team during his early days assisting at the Capel St store, he recalls the laughter-filled moments. Presently, his greatest pleasure lies in nurturing innovative ideas for new projects and witnessing their vibrant realisation. Notably, he has thoroughly enjoyed the development of the web office and Cork store in recent times. Louis Jnr takes immense pride in being an integral part of the organisation's nurturing and inclusive culture, which extends throughout the entire company.

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Capel St Store:

Here you can see Louis Snr and Louis Jnr pictured outside the Louis Copeland and Sons Capel St store. This store was the very first store, which became Louis Copeland and Sons in 1933. Originally the store was based in number 30 Capel St. Today our store is based just down the road at 39-41 Capel St. Capel St is a diverse street that is home to many different kinds of shops, pubs and restaurants. Most recently the street has become a fully pedestrianised street that has led to much more footfall in the area, since this, Capel St has also been named the 22nd most coolest street in the world by Time out. 

Louis Copeland Snr and Louis Copeland Jnr

Adrian Copeland Snr and Adrian Copeland Jnr

In the late 1960s, Adrian Snr joined forces with his father and brother at the Capel St store, commencing his journey in the menswear industry. With a wealth of experience encompassing every facet of the company, Adrian Snr has cultivated numerous relationships with customers, and his commitment to serving them with his expertise in menswear remains unwavering to this day. The family business now runs through four generations of the family. The Pembroke St store opened in 1980, today both Adrian snr and his son Adrian Jnr manage this store. During Adrian Jnr's school summer holidays, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to work at the family business, aiming to earn extra pocket money. His responsibilities included cleaning stockrooms & dusting the shop, showcasing his commitment and attention to detail. After completing his college education, Adrian Jnr joined the Galway store, dedicating three years to its growth and progress. Today, the store flourishes under the exceptional management of a talented team. Adrian Jnr continues to work alongside his father, enjoying the daily interactions with new customers and assisting them with their needs. 

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Pembroke Street:

 Adrian Snr & Jnr are seen here, pictured on Pembroke St, close by to where the Louis Copeland and Sons store is located on Pembroke Street Lower. Pembroke Street is known for its attractive Georgian architecture, which is characteristic of many buildings in Dublin's city centre. The street is lined with elegant Georgian townhouses and buildings that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of these buildings have been converted into offices, shops, restaurants, and residential properties.Pembroke Street is in close proximity to several notable landmarks and attractions, such as Merrion Square, St. Stephen's Green, the National Museum of Ireland, and the Aviva Stadium.

Adrian Copeland Snr and Adrian Copeland Jnr

Paddy Kearns:

Paddy has been a valuable member of the Capel St store team for three years, with extensive experience in men's retail dating back to when he was only 16, starting out in our Dundrum store. His area of expertise lies in made-to-measure services. Interestingly, Paddy was initially a Louis Copeland and Sons customer before he became an employee. He fondly remembers his first suit, which was a striking red check fabric, and his exceptional one-on-one experience as a customer has helped him excel in providing top-notch service during made-to-measure appointments, as he understands the experience his customers are seeking, having been in their shoes before.

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Guinness Storehouse:

This picture shows Paddy standing at the gate of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. The building was constructed in 1902 as a fermentation plant for the St. James's Gate Brewery until 1988, It was the first multi-storey steel-framed building to be built in Ireland. In 1997, it was converted into the Guinness Storehouse, featuring interactive exhibits on the history of beer, a bar where visitors can pour their own Guinness and have their selfie printed on top, and an Irish cuisine restaurant that uses Guinness in cooking. The Gravity Bar on the seventh floor offers panoramic views of Dublin and a complimentary pint of Guinness with admission. The Guinness Open Gate Brewery nearby features small-batch beer creations from the Guinness brewery, while the Storehouse also houses the Guinness Archives with records and artifacts dating back to 1759.

A man outside Guinness brewery gate in Dublin

Ed Lindsay:

Having spent eight years based at the Dundrum store, Ed previously studied fashion in college and has a deep passion for men's formal wear. Ed's personal style leans towards the unstructured Italian aesthetic, with a particular fondness for cropped trousers and slim blazers. While he is well-versed in fashion, what Ed finds most fulfilling about his role at Louis Copeland and Sons is the opportunity to work with men's formal wear, his true passion, and to connect with customers. For Ed, the fit and quality of a garment are of utmost importance when dressing customers, as he strives to ensure that they not only look good but also enjoy longevity from their purchases.

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St Stephen’s Green:

St. Stephen's Green Park is a 22-acre Victorian park located at the top of Grafton Street in Dublin. It features beautiful gardens, monuments, sculptures, a lake, and a playground for children. The park is also a place to learn about Irish history, with memorials to significant people and events such as the 1916 Easter Rising and the Great Famine. There are free concerts at the Victorian bandstand during the summer. The park also has a sensory garden for the visually impaired and celebrates Ireland's literacy history with monuments to James Joyce and W.B. Yeats. The Fusilier's Arch at the park's entrance commemorates Irish soldiers who died in the Boer War, and bullet holes from the 1916 Easter Rising can still be seen on it.

A man in St Stephans Green Dublin

Syed Abuzar:

Syed joined Louis Copeland and Sons after responding to an advertisement, having previously worked in menswear and being very passionate about it. Syed is based in our Galway store he has been in the business for 15+ years. Syed has a passion for merchandising which allows him to style outfits when creating displays.  Additionally, he finds great pleasure in helping people find the perfect clothing for their needs, whether it's casual attire for work or everyday life, or formal attire for special occasions.

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Palas Cinema :

Pálás is a cultural space and arthouse cinema with three screens located in Galway, which is a UNESCO city of film. The building was designed by architect Tom de Paor and features 22 resin-coated windows by Irish artist Patrick Scott. The cinema is operated by Element Pictures, who also run the Light House Cinema in Dublin. It offers a venue for film-lovers to explore and enjoy new and classic films, as well as Irish and international independent films. The building is a concrete monolith that occupies the garden of a reinstated 1820s merchant house, with a bar and terrace for visitors to enjoy.

A man outside Palas cinema in Galway

Emmet Dalton

Emmet has been working  at Louis Copeland and Sons Wicklow Street since 2019. With a background in menswear dating back to 2015, he joined the Wicklow Street team after returning from Edinburgh to pursue an Acting Degree at The Lir Academy.

His passion for men's fashion, particularly suiting, has always been a part of him. This fondness can be traced back to his grandfather, Leo, who has always exuded sharpness and wore a suit every day. Even at the age of 91, Leo remains a strong source of inspiration for Emmet.

Despite his deep interest in menswear and suiting, his ultimate career aspiration lies in acting. Graduating from The Lir Academy in August, he has already graced the Abbey Stage and made his debut in a film. However, if you were to ask any member of the team, they would attest that he has gained more knowledge from his years working at Copeland's than he did during his time in college.

National Gallery:

The National Gallery of Dublin is the oldest public art museum in Ireland, established in 1854. It houses an extensive collection of over 16,000 artworks, including paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures from various periods. The collection features works by both Irish and international artists, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet, and Picasso. Located in Dublin's city centre, the museum offers free admission to visitors. Emmet is seen pictured at this location and for him, the National Gallery holds a special significance. After his first attempt to enter the Lir in 2014, he and his father spent much time there. Over time, the gallery has provided him with solace, inspiration, and a space for reflection. Particularly, he is captivated by the vibrant and dynamic paintings of Jack B. Yeats, which influenced his personal style at Louis Copeland and inspired his acting endeavours. He believes in the power of colour and embraces Yeats' philosophy of engaging in the art of living.

Aaron Hearns

Nine years ago, at the age of 16, Aaron embarked on his journey with the company, driven by a desire to gain valuable work experience. Starting at Capel Street, he quickly secured a part-time position and has remained a dedicated member of the team ever since. Initially tasked with folding shirts, sweeping floors, and conducting stock checks, Aaron has steadily advanced to his current role as the E-commerce Manager at  Louis Copeland and Sons.

Aaron's passion lies in providing exceptional customer experiences, and when he transitioned from our Capel Street store to the web office, he was determined to recreate the immersive in-store atmosphere online. To achieve this, he invests considerable effort in creating engaging content, such as product videos, enabling online customers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our offerings. Moreover, he offers a personal shopping service to customers, where he curates outfits and strives to deliver an experience similar to an in-store visit. Aaron's relentless dedication shines through as he strives to bridge the gap between the online and in-store shopping, ensuring customers receive a seamless and exceptional experience.

Ha’penny Bridge:

Aaron is pictured here at the Ha'penny Bridge, also known as the Liffey Bridge, it is a famous landmark in Dublin, Ireland. It is a pedestrian bridge that spans the River Liffey, connecting the north and south sides of the city. The bridge was originally built in 1816 and was the first pedestrian bridge to cross the river in Dublin. The Ha'penny Bridge gets its name from the fact that it used to have a toll of half a penny (a ha'penny) for those crossing it. The toll was in place until 1919 when it was finally abolished.The bridge itself is an iconic symbol of Dublin and is characterised by its elegant design, cast iron structure, and distinctive arches. It has become a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, offering beautiful views of the river and the cityscape.Over the years, the Ha'penny Bridge has become not just a means of crossing the river but also a significant historical and cultural landmark, representing the charm and character of Dublin.

Nigel O’Sullivan:

Since the opening of the Louis Copeland and Sons Cork store in 2019, Nigel has been the store manager, bringing with him extensive experience in men's fashion that dates back to his teenage years. Although he had also trained and qualified as a cabinet maker, Nigel's true passion always lay in the men’s fashion industry. Consequently, at the age of 21, he returned to his roots in the rag trade, where he has since flourished. Over the years, Nigel has established a vast network of loyal customers who continue to choose Louis Copeland and Sons as their preferred shopping destination, contributing to the steady growth of his client base.

Cork opera house:

The Cork Opera House was originally built in 1855 as The Athenaeum to promote science, literature, and fine arts. It hosted its first performance in 1855 and was later renamed The Munster Hall and then the Opera House after extensive reconstruction. The original building burned down in 1955 but was rebuilt on the same site in 1965. Today, it is a premier venue for concerts, comedy, drama, dance, family fare, and opera, presenting both indigenous and international acts.

 A man outside Cork Opera House

Zoltan Kovacs: 

Zoltan has been a valued member of our team at the Pembroke St Store for nearly six years. Originally from Hungary, he came to Louis Copeland and Sons after spending many years as a bespoke tailor. Zoltan was impressed by the reputation of Louis Copeland and Sons as one of the best tailors in Ireland, and he decided to join our team. Zoltan loves to create garments that have the perfect fit for his customers. He has a passion for experimenting with various fabrics, and his meticulous approach and exceptional attention to detail guarantee this for his customers.

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Merrion Square:

Merrion Square is a large and elegant Georgian square in Dublin city, adorned by a public park and retaining much of its Georgian character. Three sides of the square are lined with Georgian Houses, and on the other side is the garden of Leinster House and two museums. The central park has colorful flower and shrub beds and features a statue of Oscar Wilde reclining on a rock. On Sundays, artists display their works for sale on the railings surrounding the park. Many of the houses have plaques detailing the rich and famous who once lived in them, such as Daniel O'Connell and W.B. Yeats.

A man in Merrion Square Dublin

Geoff Coughlan:

For 13 years, Geoff has been an invaluable asset to our Wicklow St Store. He brings with him a wealth of family history in the fashion industry and a deep understanding of men's fashion, which has been a fundamental part of his life. In 2010, he joined the Louis Copeland and Sons team and has since developed a close relationship with the Copeland family that spans almost four decades. 

Geoff is an integral being part of the team at Louis Copeland & Sons and enjoys every aspect of the business  He takes pride in knowing that his work satisfaction reflects positively on customer relationships and loyalty. His love for fashion began at an early age and has only grown stronger over the years, fueling his passion to this day.

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Leinster house:

Leinster House, also known as the House of the Oireachtas, is the seat of the Irish parliament, which encompasses the Dáil Éireann (lower house) and the Seanad Éireann (upper house). The building was originally known as Kildare House and was commissioned by James Fitzgerald, the Earl of Kildare, in 1745. It was later renamed Leinster House after he became the Duke of Leinster. The building was sold to the Royal Dublin Society in 1815 and was secured as the seat of the Irish parliament after the founding of the Irish Free State in 1922. In the photo, Geoff is seen standing in front of Leinster House in a manner similar to news presenters on RTE. He is sharing the latest news about Louis Copeland and Sons, announcing the arrival of the best ever collection that has just arrived for the season ahead.

man outside Leinster House, Dublin

James Kelly:

James is currently based at our Wicklow St store. His exposure to men's fashion began at the age of ten, when he accompanied his parents to their stores. Over time, his frequent immersion in the fashion industry made it second nature to him. After three years of living and working in London, James returned to Ireland and joined the Louis Copeland and Sons team. His passion lies in working with customers to help them look and feel their best on special occasions, especially weddings.

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Phil Lynott statue:

James is seen in this photo beside the Phil Lynott statue on Harry St, in Dublin. Phil Lynott was the lead singer of Thin Lizzy, a highly successful rock band. The statue has been erected in an area that was closely associated with Phil Lynott, who used to frequent the Grafton Street area, interacting with the city's flower sellers and dancing along the street. This location is a popular destination for many rock and music fans, who come from all over to take a selfie and pay homage to one of Dublin's greatest music icons.

A man beside Phil Lynott statue in Dublin

David Farrell:

For the past eight years, David has served as the manager of the Louis Copeland and Sons Dundrum store, having been based in Dundrum Town Centre since its opening in 2005. With over three decades of experience in menswear, David possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to men's fashion. However, what truly brings him joy at Louis Copeland and Sons is the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with customers, fostering strong bonds by helping them dress their best for important events throughout the year. With a keen ability to connect with customers from all walks of life, David has honed his skill in delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction over the years.

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Wolfe Tone Statue:

The photo shows Dave at the Wolfe Tone Statue in St Stephen's Green Park, a memorial to Wolfe Tone, a pioneer of Irish republicanism. The statue was created by Edward Delaney in the 1960s and depicts Tone, who fled to America and Paris to conspire against British rule, but was ultimately captured, imprisoned, and died in 1798. The statue was destroyed in 1971 during the Troubles but was later rebuilt and returned to its original location.

Man beside Wolfe Tone statue in Stephan

Robert Fahy:

Robert has been working at Louis Copeland and Sons for 16 years, currently he is working at our Galway store. He has been in the menswear industry since finishing school. He was approached to join the company, which he happily accepted. After a buying trip with the team abroad, Robert developed a keen interest in shirts and has become particularly passionate about made-to-measure shirt appointments and ensuring every shirt has the right fit.

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Festival of Literature Eyre Square:

This image of Robert is captured in Eyre Square in Galway at the Cúirt International Festival of Literature, which is one of Europe's oldest book festivals. The festival brings together writers and readers to share new perspectives and celebrate writing, books, and reading in all forms. It also has a year-round engagement program to create a space for conversation, debate, and reflection among readers.

A man at the festival of literature, Eyre square in Galway

Dave Cassey

Dave has devoted six years of his career to Louis Copeland and Sons, Wicklow St store. With two decades of experience in the menswear industry, he possesses a remarkable depth of knowledge. The aspect that Dave finds most appealing about his job is the exceptional team he works with. He believes it to be the best team he has ever been a part of. Furthermore, Dave finds great joy in the fact that Louis Copeland and Sons stores offer a wide variety of top-quality menswear brands. His enthusiasm for learning about, handling, and ultimately selling these garments is evident.

Trinity College:

Trinity College is a historic university located in Dublin, Ireland, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I. It is known for its academic excellence and offers undergraduate and post graduate degree programs in various fields. The campus is located in the city centre and features historic buildings, gardens, and museums. The Book of Kells, a manuscript of the Four Gospels of the New Testament dating back to the 9th century, is the most famous attraction of the college.

Gary Molloy

In 1996, Gary joined Louis Copeland and Sons after successfully completing his retail marketing degree. Initially, he began his journey with the company through a work placement opportunity. Little did he know that this would mark the beginning of a remarkable 27-year career. Today, Gary proudly holds the position of store manager at our Galway location.
Gary's passion for men's fashion has always been evident. Throughout the years, he has nurtured a deep interest in the industry. However, his favourite aspect of the business has consistently revolved around the buying process. The fast-paced nature of keeping up with changing seasons, curating garment collections, and planning ahead has captivated his heart. Gary takes immense pleasure in discovering trends that resonate with our valued customers, ensuring they receive fashion choices they will truly adore.

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Galway Cathedral:

The Galway Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Galway, Ireland, constructed in the mid-20th century between 1958 and 1965. The cathedral features a mix of Renaissance and Gothic styles and is known for its intricate stained-glass windows, mosaics, sculptures, and a renowned choir organ. It is considered one of the most important religious buildings in Galway and is a popular destination for tourists and locals.

Man Infront of Galway Cathedral;

John Bryne 

John has been working at the Louis Copeland and Sons store on Wicklow Street for 25 years. He started on his birthday in 1998 after his sister saw a job ad in the newspaper. John's family had connections to the Copeland family, with his grandfather being a master tailor and his uncle also working for Louis Copeland and Sons. Prior to joining the company, John had worked in sports retail. Over the years, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge that has allowed him to specialise in the craft of made-to-measure. John has a keen passion for suits, recognizing that each made-to-measure suit possesses a unique style. John's strong creative abilities allow him to envision the final garment when working closely with clients. With his exceptional attention to detail, John skilfully leads customers through the process of creating their bespoke suits, carefully refining even the minutest of details.

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Powerscourt Townhouse Centre:

Powerscourt House, formerly the Dublin townhouse of Viscount Powerscourt, has transformed into the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. It is situated on South William Street in Dublin, serving as a historic shopping destination. The centre is housed within a beautifully restored Georgian townhouse, exuding a captivating and distinctive ambiance. Inside, you will discover a diverse range of boutique-style shops, restaurants, and services, with a particular emphasis on independent retailers. Visitors can immerse themselves in the offerings of fashion boutiques, jewellery stores, homeware shops, and art galleries. The centre is renowned for its lively and culturally rich atmosphere, enhanced by the hosting of engaging events and exhibitions. Both locals and tourists favour this destination, as it offers a delightful blend of top-quality products, Irish craftsmanship, and a touch of historical allure.


John in powerscourt townhouse Dublin


Jake Doyle 

Jake, a valued member of our Capel St store, will soon mark his one-year anniversary with the company in July. Jake has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team at Capel St. Choosing to join our company was an easy decision for Jake when the opportunity presented itself. He considers Louis Copeland and Sons as the leader in Ireland for men's suits and feels fortunate to be a part of our esteemed organization. Since joining us, Jake has discovered great fulfilment in building a loyal clientele and establishing meaningful connections with new individuals. He takes pleasure in assisting customers with their ready-to-wear suits and eagerly anticipates further growth and success in his role.



Jameson Distillery: 
Jake is pictured at the Jameson Distillery in Dublin, a historic whiskey distillery in the heart of the city. The distillery has a rich heritage dating back to 1780 and offers guided tours for visitors to learn about whiskey-making, the Jameson brand, and Irish whiskey culture. Guests can explore the distillery's facilities, enjoy whiskey tastings, and even create their own personalized blends. The Jameson Distillery is a popular attraction for whiskey enthusiasts and those interested in Irish whiskey.

Cathal O'Brien

Cathal is a highly regarded member of our team, working at our store on Capel St. He initially joined the company as part of a work placement during his time at DIT. Over the course of 25 years, he has become an integral part of our organization. Cathal enjoys engaging with everyone from both new and loyal customers to his fellow colleagues at the store.One aspect of his role that brings him immense satisfaction is providing fashion advice and consultations to men for various special occasions and everyday attire. While Cathal excels in sales, he also derives enjoyment from contributing to the buying process of the store.

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Dublin Castle:
Dublin Castle is a historically significant landmark in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. It has served as a fortress, royal residence, and administrative center throughout its history. Today, it hosts ceremonial events, conferences, and exhibitions, while also housing the esteemed Chester Beatty Library. The architectural composition of the castle complex combines various styles, spanning from medieval to Georgian. Dublin Castle is a popular tourist attraction offering guided tours, allowing visitors to explore its historical significance in Irish history.