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Best Coats and Jackets for Autumn-Winter

Best Coats and Jackets for Autumn-Winter


Autumn/Winter Outerwear You Should Own

As the daily sun and unusually hot temperatures begin to fall away in exchange for darker skies, rain and colder temperatures, it’s time to dive into your wardrobe and get those essential jackets and coats for the upcoming season.

What are the essential outerwear pieces for this season?

As the daily sun and unusually hot temperatures begin to fall away in exchange for darker skies, rain and colder temperatures, it’s time to dive into your wardrobe and get those essential jackets and coats for the upcoming season. The various items we’ll discuss will cover a range of different areas as each will be better suited for a particular situation from more casual outings to more formal ones.

1. Lightweight Casual Jacket

Everyone needs to have a lightweight casual jacket in their wardrobe as this will be a true workhorse piece. This is especially important as the weather during this time of the year will be very mixed and unpredictable. As such, you need a jacket that will be able to keep you dry if you get caught in a quick rain shower but still light enough that you won’t be roasting if it’s a warmer day. A jacket like this can be worn with a variety of different looks to give a different feel and vibe. For this, our recommendation would be the classic harrington, the Baracuta G9 jacket. This jacket has been an absolute favourite since its introduction in 1937 and will continue to be so for many years to come. Worn by the likes of Steve McQueen, Daniel Craig and Jason Statham, it still remains a classic piece. The jacket itself was originally designed for golf hence the “G” in G9. The jacket is cut short in the body with ribbed hem and cuffs and utilises the Coolmax® fabric which makes the jacket breathable and water repellent. The G9 itself looks right at home when paired with a classic white tee and dark denim, a casual oxford shirt and chinos and even a roll neck and grey flannel trousers.

2. Waxed Cotton Jacket

A staple piece of outerwear for this time of year, a classic waxed cotton jacket is an absolute essential piece of outerwear. For over 100 years, these jackets have protected their wearers whether they are out in town, going shooting, hunting or fishing or up in the mountains, a simple yet classic waxed cotton jacket is designed to take a beating and last you for many years to come. Favoured by the likes of British royalty when up in Balmoral, this tough jacket is a necessity in your wardrobe. The Belstaff Fieldmaster jacket is an obvious choice as the sturdy construction, utilitarian styling and classic look is perfect whether you are running out on errands or heading up into the woodlands, this iconic waxed cotton jacket will keep you protected from whatever elements you may encounter. The big patch pockets will allow you to keep hold of your belongings without worry whether they are your phone and keys or your shells on a shooting day. Olive is the classic choice and will work perfectly with other items in your wardrobe. If you are looking for a classic and iconic piece of outerwear, this is the one for you.

3. Raincoat

When it comes to this time of the year in Ireland, the sight of rain is unfortunately a common phenomenon. Whether it's bucketing it down or just a light shower, it won’t be too long until you are drenched from head to toe. As such, you need to ensure that you are kitted up with a coat that will keep you dry, regardless of how heavy the showers are. There are absolutely plenty of choices for you in terms of style, colour and fit. However, we think that opting for a classic single breasted coat in a solid colour is the way to go. This is why we recommend the beautiful UBR Regulator coat. At 500 grams, the coat is superbly lightweight and will ensure you are protected from the elements, regardless of how bad it gets, ranging from a downpour in London to a blizzard in New York, this coat can do it all. This raincoat can easily be worn over casual and formal clothes alike whether you’re meeting a few friends in town for a few drinks or for your daily commute to work, this coat will keep you protected regardless of where you go.

Baracuta G9 Blouson Beige

4. Casual Wool Coat

When the temperatures really begin to drop, you will need to have a good wool coat. However, sometimes you want to wear a nice warm coat but still want it to be casual. This is where the absolutely classic and venerable peacoat steps into frame. A coat designed originally for Dutch sailors, this short coat has become an absolute classic as it has been worn by servicemen in navies around the world for countless decades. Typically navy, black or grey in colour, the jacket is cut short for added movement and double breasted with 6 to 8 buttons and a big collar that can be popped up to keep the wind and rain out. The coat is perfect for this time of year as there are plenty of variations on them. The Ralph Lauren Melton Peacoat Cruise Navy is the perfect choice as it’s a quintessential peacoat but with a modern twist. Having the removable insert gives the 100+ year old jacket a modern edge. The fabric is a lovely change, swapping the pure wool for a gorgeously soft wool and cashmere blend making this a more luxurious take on a classic workhorse and utilitarian coat.

Baracuta G9 Blouson Beige

Baracuta G9 Blouson Green

5. Overcoat

When it comes to the autumn and winter, if you are to only get one coat we have mentioned, this will be the one to go for. A classic overcoat is an absolute essential in your wardrobe as it’s just so versatile. This is a piece that can easily be worn both casually and formally whether you pair it with chinos and a roll neck or a full suit, it looks phenomenal with both. Despite this, there is absolutely no limit to choice of coats as every single one is absolutely worth buying. However, as it’s such a worthwhile piece, you definitely should invest in it as it will be something you will have for many years to come. If we were to recommend a single coat, the Lubiam Double Breasted Overcoat is the obvious choice. The classic navy colour will be highly versatile as it can be paired with near limitless colour combinations. The double breasted style will ensure the wind and rain are kept out as well. The finer details of the coat really put it a step above the rest as the flapped patch pockets, the half belt and buttoned vent in the back and beautifully finished off with a turnback gauntlet cuff for an added touch of class to an already luxurious coat.

Baracuta G9 Blouson Beige

Baracuta G9 Blouson Green

When it comes to the autumn and winter, you need to ensure that you are prepared for the colder temperatures and more temperamental weather. Depending on your personal style, one or all the jackets mentioned may suit you very well. Whether you are more casual and want something lightweight but resilient or more formal and want something more refined, we can help you find a lovely piece of outerwear that will suit you best. We have a wide selection available both online and in-store so keep an eye out.