Father's Day 2023 Gift Guide: Inspiring Outfits and Thoughtful Gifts

man dresses in smart casual wear

Our gift guide for father's day 2023

With Father's Day just around the corner, we're here to assist you in getting ready to celebrate those remarkable dads on June 18th. Whether you're seeking the perfect Father's Day gift or a present for any exceptional man in your life, or even if you're a dad seeking style inspiration, our blog is here to provide curated looks that will effortlessly elevate your wardrobe. Let us guide you through a selection of thoughtfully chosen outfits that will inspire your fashion choices and help you find the ideal gift for this special occasion. 

1. The Essentials

Gifting some essential items is always a thoughtful gesture appreciated by fathers. Every dad needs items like a new shirt, a pair of socks, or versatile chinos in their everyday wardrobe, making them practical and useful gifts. The below suggested essential items are timeless and durable pieces that can last for a long time. For many fathers, shopping for themselves may not be a priority, making these essential pieces an excellent way to help refresh their wardrobe and upgrade their style. 

2. Gifts for the Airport Dad

With Father's Day coming up on June 18th, it's a great opportunity to gift some holiday wear for any upcoming trips. "Airport Dads" are fathers who prioritize style, comfort, and efficiency while traveling, and we have a range of products that cater to this trend. For example, a pair of swim shorts, such as the Fedeli '90 second trunks' which are a pair of functional and comfortable swimming shorts with a bright, beautiful pattern. Chino shorts are a must-have for all dads during a holiday, and we have a range of chino shorts available on our website from MMX, PT01, GANT, and RALPH LAUREN. These lightweight shorts have a tailored look and usually come above the knee. A pair of Chino shorts would make the perfect gift paired with a linen shirt to dress them up or a crewneck t-shirt for a more casual look. 

packed suitcase

In addition to clothing options, we also have some useful luggage options available that would make great gifts for the traveling dad. The Orlando bag is perfect for folding a suit into and has extra room for other outfits, shoe pockets, and toiletries. It comes in a variety of colours and is made of leather for a sophisticated look. We also have the perfect carry-on case from Carl Friedrick that complies with the carry-on size restrictions. This suitcase has a hard shell protective case, a large front pocket for easy access to travel essentials, and an open compartment on each side of the case with compression pad and straps.

3. Footwear gifting

Casual Footwear

Casual footwear such as loafers and sneakers are comfortable and versatile men's shoes that are suitable for everyday wear in relaxed or informal settings. A gift of casual footwear would be great for fathers who are always on their feet, provide cushioning, support and ease of movement. 

We have a great variety of casual footwear available at Louis Copeland and Sons. Some of our personal favourites are the Hogan trainers, Louis Copeland sneakers, and Magnanni loafers. Sneakers and loafers offer versatility as they can be elevated to suit formal occasions when paired with a suit or dressed down for a casual look with jeans, knitwear, or chinos and a blazer. They are also ideal footwear options for summer holidays, as they are compact and travel-friendly. In warmer climates, they pair well with shorts and crewnecks.

Hogan, an esteemed Italian brand, excels in crafting casual luxury trainers that effortlessly blend lightweight comfort with adaptable style, making them appropriate for both formal and casual settings. Magnanni, a family-owned brand with a legacy spanning three generations, prioritizes using premium materials sourced from Italy, France, and Spain to create their exceptional footwear. Our collection includes a variety of Magnanni formal shoes, loafers, and sneakers. Additionally, we offer Louis Copeland and Sons sneakers, available in a wide range of comfortable and fashionable options, including Italian calf leather and soft suede designs. 


Formal Footwear

Men's formal footwear includes classic options such as Oxfords and Derbies, as well as monk strap shoes, dress loafers, and certain types of formal boots. These men's shoes are designed to be worn with formal attire like suits or tuxedos for professional or special occasions. The level of formality may vary, but they generally feature sleek designs, high-quality materials, and refined details. So if your dad has some special events this year, a new pair of formal shoes would make a great gift. We have some sleek and stylish options available from brands including Louis Copeland, Magnanni, Moreschi and Stemar. 
Whether you opt for a brown shoe to complement navy, beige, or grey suits, or prefer the timeless appeal of a classic black shoe that effortlessly complements any formal ensemble, you can be certain  we will have something to suit you. 


4. Accessories Gift

Gifting accessories serves as a meaningful gesture to express appreciation, while also fulfilling a practical need that men often overlook when completing their outfits. At Louis Copeland and Sons, we offer a diverse selection of accessories. Choose from our range of ties, featuring various colors and patterns from esteemed brands like CANALI and ETON. Wallets and card holders are also ideal choices, as they are items fathers typically don't purchase for themselves and may require an upgrade every few years. Our newly introduced Carl Friedrick briefcases exude style, sophistication, and practicality. Belts are another overlooked accessory that can be a great addition to an outfit, particularly when forgotten until the day of the event. For outdoor excursions during the sunny months ahead, consider gifting a new cap. At Louis Copeland and Sons, we have a variety of options available. 


Father's Day presents an ideal chance to honor and acknowledge the significant fathers in our lives. When deciding on a gift, it's essential to take into account your dad's specific interests, hobbies, and style preferences. Opting for fashionable and top-notch men's clothing, footwear, or accessories can ensure a remarkable Father's Day. By commemorating the influential men who have shaped our lives with a gesture of appreciation that aligns with their distinct style and personality, we can truly celebrate this special occasion. Wishing you a Happy Father's Day!