Key Highlights

Benefit from Louis Copeland and Sons' 90 years of experience in providing quality suits and personalized service.

  • Suit Styles: Explore two-piece, three-piece, and tuxedo options for various occasions.

  • Best Sellers: Check out popular suits like the Faint Check Suit Blue and the Subtle Check 2 Piece Suit Navy.

  • Suit Jacket Lapels: Understand the differences between notch, peak, and shawl lapels for different styles.

  • Suit Trousers: Choose between single-pleated, double-pleated, flat-front, slim-fit, and straight-leg trousers.

  • Suit Colors: Discover the versatility of black, navy, grey, and trendy green suits for different events.

  • Suit Fabrics and Patterns: Explore options like check suits, pin stripe suits, linen suits, and woollen suits for varied styles.

  • Accessorize Your Suit: Complete your look with pocket squares, ties, shirts, shoes, cufflinks, and belts, ensuring balance and sophistication.

August 04, 2023

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Louis Copeland Suit Experience

Louis Copeland and Sons proudly celebrate 90 years in the business. While we offer a diverse selection of casual and smart casual wear, our true expertise lies in exquisite men's suits. Whether you prefer off-the-rack or custom-made options, Louis Copeland and Sons cater to every individual. With three stores in Dublin, as well as locations in Cork, Galway, and an online store, we meet the men's suit needs of customers far and wide. We also provide complimentary lifetime alterations for our suits, ensuring longevity and a perfect fit. This blog delves into men's suits, offering valuable insights into different types, fabrics, accessories, and more, aiming to provide readers with a thorough understanding of men's suiting.

Exploring Suit Styles

Delve into the variety of men's suits, from the classic two-piece to the sophisticated three-piece and the formal tuxedo. Learn how each style can fit different occasions and personal preferences.

Two Piece Suit

A two-piece suit for men includes a matching jacket and trousers designed to be worn together. However, the jacket can also be paired with different trousers for versatility. While generally considered more casual than other suit options, a two-piece suit can be worn formally with a crisp Louis Copeland shirt, dress shoes, a tie, and a pocket square. For a more relaxed look, wear a casual item like a crewneck or jersey shirt under the suit jacket. Additionally, pairing the suit with sneakers or loafers can create a stylish, informal appearance.

Three Piece Suit

A three-piece suit epitomizes formal attire, comprising a suit jacket, waistcoat, and trousers. Renowned for its classic and refined appearance, it's a popular choice for weddings and formal business occasions. Traditionally, all three pieces match, ensuring a cohesive look. However, there's room for personalization. Some opt for a different-colored waistcoat for contrast or individuality, while others mix patterns or designs between the jacket and trousers for a distinctive ensemble. These variations allow for personal expression while preserving the suit's elegance and formality.


A tuxedo stands out from other suits with distinct features. While black is classic, white jackets and velvet options in green and blue are trendy. The jacket usually has silk lapels and one or two buttons. The crisp, white dress shirt is crucial, often with pleats and French cuffs. Tuxedo trousers have a satin stripe matching the lapel, lack belt loops for a sleek look, and pair well with suspenders. Tuxedos can be three-piece with a matching waistcoat or a two-piece suit. A bow tie completes the look, with highly polished black formal shoes adding sophistication.

Deciphering Suit Jacket Lapels

Suit jacket lapels, located just below the collar, are folded-back flaps that significantly influence a suit's style and formality. Let's explore the differences among the three main types of lapels:

Suit Trousers

Single-Pleated Trousers:
Featuring a single pleat on each side of the front, these trousers create a visually appealing division in the fabric across the lap. They offer a flattering crease line from the waistband to the cuff, adding elegance to your appearance.

Double-Pleated Trousers:
With two pleats on each side of the front, double-pleated trousers provide extra comfort and attention to the lap area. They offer more room and a relaxed fit, ideal for those seeking a comfortable yet sophisticated look.

Flat-Front Trousers:
These trousers have a smooth front near the zipper, lying flat on the hips for a slim and fitted appearance. Unlike pleated pants, they offer a sleeker silhouette, perfect for a modern and stylish look.

Slim-Fit Trousers:
A contemporary variation of traditional suit pants, slim-fit trousers feature a fitted silhouette with a tapered leg. Sitting lower on the waist, they provide a cleaner and neater appearance, ideal for those with a slim build seeking a tailored and fashionable look.

Straight-Leg Trousers:
Exuding a timeless and classic design, straight-leg suit trousers maintain a consistent width from thighs to ankles. They offer a relaxed and comfortable fit, sitting at the natural waistline and providing a professional look suitable for formal and business occasions.

Suit Colours

Black Suits:
Versatile and timeless, black suits are a wardrobe staple. Suitable for formal occasions, they exude professionalism and can be easily dressed up or down. Their classic and slimming effect makes them a reliable choice for various events, allowing for effortless mixing and matching with other garments.

Navy Suits:
Radiating professionalism, navy suits complement a wide range of skin tones and are suitable for all seasons. Their versatility allows for pairing with various colors, making them adaptable to different styles and occasions.

Grey Suits:
Popular in business settings, grey suits offer a professional appearance suitable for various seasons. Lighter shades are ideal for spring and summer, while darker tones are suitable for winter, ensuring a polished look year-round.

Green Suits:
Emerging as a trend, green suits in shades from emerald to olive are increasingly popular for significant events year-round. Known as a power color, green offers a unique appeal and complements a diverse array of skin tones, making it a stylish and flattering choice.

Suit Fabrics and Patterns

Check Suits:
Featuring patterns like windowpane, glen plaid, and houndstooth, these suits add individuality to your look. Transitioning effortlessly from formal to casual events, they offer versatility in color and style, showcasing your personality while maintaining a polished aesthetic.

Pin Stripe Suits:
Sophisticated and timeless, pinstripe suits feature thin vertical stripes that add refinement and structure. Ideal for formal occasions, they come in various colors, flattering all body types and exuding confidence and elegance.

Linen Suits:
Lightweight and breathable, linen suits are perfect for warm weather and summer events. Offering relaxed elegance, they provide comfort and style in hot climates.

Woollen Suits:
Classic and versatile, woollen suits are ideal for colder weather and formal occasions. Crafted from natural wool fibers, they provide warmth and comfort while ensuring a polished look throughout the day.

Accessorize Your Suit

1. Use complementary pocket squares, experiment with folds for interest.

2. Choose ties matching suit's color and pattern, with lapel-appropriate widths.

3. Select well-fitted shirts, consider classic white or light blue.

4. Pair dress shoes matching suit's formality, ensure they're polished.

5. Add elegant cufflinks for sophistication, coordinating metal colors.

6. Choose a leather belt matching shoe color, opt for simplicity.

7. Aim for balance, avoid over-accessorizing, find personal style.