Key Highlights

Ensure you look picture-perfect on your big day with the right attire, from classic suits to black-tie ensembles.

  • Black Tie or Classic Suit?: Choose between formal black-tie attire or a classic wedding suit.

  • Fit for a King: Prioritize impeccable fit with made-to-measure designs tailored to your exact measurements.

  • Back to Black?: Explore non-traditional options like dark grey or midnight navy for a sophisticated look.

  • Wedding Attire for Your Venue: Let your venue influence your attire choice, whether it's a beach affair or a traditional setting.

  • Respect the Season: Select lighter, breathable fabrics for summer weddings to stay comfortable.

  • Stepping in Style: Invest in classic lace-up leather shoes for timeless elegance and comfort.

  • Devil's in the Details: Infuse personality into your ensemble with complementary tones and patterns, considering your bride's input for harmony.

May 25, 2022

From Suit to Tie: Groom's Style Handbook

You've already tackled the hard part: the proposal, the tears, and the ring that may have emptied your wallet. Now, it's time to focus on a crucial detail: your wedding outfit.

While the bride may take center stage, there's no reason you can't shine too. Planning your big day means ensuring you look picture-perfect for the memories that will grace your walls for years to come. With options ranging from classic black-tie attire to statement wedding suits or even Celtic-style kilts, the choices may seem overwhelming. But fear not—with a bit of savvy and some smart shopping, you can confidently make a stylish statement at the altar, leaving a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

Black Tie or Classic Suit?

If your wedding isn't a formal affair, you'll likely feel more at ease in a classic, wedding-appropriate suit rather than a black-tie ensemble. Plus, consider the re-wear factor: you'll likely have more occasions to don a sharp suit in the future than a tuxedo.

For those who wish to eschew black-tie but still desire a touch of formality, a three-piece suit can be a smart compromise. The addition of a waistcoat adds sophistication and sets you apart from wedding guests. Even a well-cut, perfectly-fitting two-piece suit can exude suave charm without the need for extra layers.

Fit for a King

As evident by now, we prioritize impeccable fit, especially when it comes to a man's wedding suit. While an off-the-rack suit can be adjusted to fit well, nothing beats the precision of a made-to-measure design tailored to your exact measurements and preferences.

Opting for a made-to-measure suit offers numerous advantages beyond just fit. It allows for extensive personalization, from choosing the fabric to selecting details like jacket lining, lapel style, and pocket design. Additionally, you can add a unique touch like a monogram inside the jacket.

Though the array of choices may seem daunting, an expert tailor will expertly guide you through the process. They'll consider factors like your body shape, skin tone, wedding theme, location, and even the color of your shoes to ensure a cohesive and personalized outfit.

Back to Black?

Must a wedding suit always be black? Not necessarily. While a slim, dark-colored suit flatters most men, there's room to stylishly break with convention. Consider the darkest shades of grey or midnight navy for a sophisticated yet non-traditional look. For summer or outdoor weddings, you can explore a broader color palette.

As a rule of thumb, black, grey (ranging from stone to charcoal), and deep shades of blue are versatile choices year-round. Save adventurous options like cream and pastel hues for warmer, brighter summer months.

Wedding Attire for Your Venue

Factor in the location of your wedding when selecting your outfit. Whether you're tying the knot in a remote setting or on powder white Caribbean sands, your venue should influence your attire choice. A tie-free linen suit may be wholly appropriate for a sun-kissed beach affair, while a more traditional option would suit a venue like Dromoland Castle.

Respect the Season

When selecting your wedding suit, take the season into account. For summer weddings, opt for lighter, breathable fabrics like cotton, cotton blends, lightweight wool, or luxurious linen mixes. Avoid wholly synthetic or wool blended with synthetic material, as they don't breathe well and may leave you feeling uncomfortable during photos.

Stepping in Style

Your wedding day calls for investing in the perfect footwear. Consider them as the foundation of your ensemble. Opt for classic lace-up leather shoes, like black cap-toe Oxfords, for timeless elegance and comfort throughout the day.

Devil's in the Details

When choosing your suit, tie, and pocket square, embrace the chance to infuse personality into your ensemble with complementary tones and patterns. Consider your bride's input to ensure harmony with the bridesmaids' dresses. Despite the myriad details, enjoy the suit-shopping journey—it's part of the excitement. Rest assured, you'll be impeccably styled for your big day, having already secured a 'yes' to the most important question.