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Man on Business trip

Achieving a stylish and professional appearance while traveling light can be challenging. However, with some smart purchasing decisions and careful planning, it's possible. Packing light is an art that requires mastery, especially for frequent business travellers who can face costly charges for excess baggage. The ultimate goal for these professionals is to pack a hand luggage-sized bag with the necessary items to maintain a polished appearance. Luckily, with the right knowledge and skills, this can be accomplished with ease.

Choosing the right luggage

Selecting the right bag or suitcase is the first step towards traveling light. It's important to ensure that the bag you choose is within the airline's carry-on luggage restrictions, while also being as spacious as possible. Fortunately, we have a range of high-quality luggage options available, such as a compact hand luggage suitcase, a practical weekend bag, a professional briefcase or laptop bag, and a handy wash bag. 

CARL FRIEDRIK Carry On Suitcase

The most popular carry-on style is a compact suitcase, which has the advantage of two or four wheels for easy transport. Hard-shelled models have the additional benefit of offering protection for their contents.

This CARL FRIEDRICK carry on suitcase   comes with a spacious front pocket that allows easy access to your travel essentials. Moreover, the hard-shell pocket comprises a laptop compartment, two pen slots, and a smaller pocket. The suitcase has two open compartments on the inside, both equipped with compression straps that help to reduce the load. Additionally, it comes with a removable compression pad that has a pocket, which can be used in conjunction with the compression straps. 

SADDLER Leather Weekend Bag 

If you're seeking a more practical and stylish alternative to a suitcase, consider using a weekend bag instead. The Saddler brand's leather weekend bag, crafted from genuine leather, offers exceptional durability. 

Despite its compact size in comparison to a carry-on suitcase, it provides ample room for folding a suit or blazer neatly to avoid creasing. The exterior features two spacious zip pockets, while the interior boasts a garment bag, shoe pockets on both sides, and a zip pocket. The shoulder straps, which are removable and adjustable, are made of nylon with leather details, and the handles are made of leather. The hardware is finished in brushed gunmetal for a sophisticated touch, making it the perfect piece of luggage for a short business trip. 


A briefcase is considered essential for business trips due to several reasons. It provides a professional appearance, practical organization for essential documents and electronic devices, security for your belongings, and is a timeless accessory that represents professionalism. 

This CARL FRIEDRICK Briefcase, is designed for contemporary lifestyles and combines everyday elegance with office-ready functionality. It features a dedicated laptop pocket for a 15-inch MacBook or a laptop with the dimensions of 35 x 25 x 1.5cm or smaller, a main compartment that can hold a 16-inch MacBook and other daily essentials, and an open front pocket for easy access to your passport and boarding pass. It also comes with a 40mm wide leather shoulder strap. 

GANT  Wash Bag 

A man needs a wash bag when going on a business trip to keep toiletries organized and in one place, and hopefully minimize the risk of leaving something behind, comply with airline regulations for liquids, and add a touch of sophistication to their travel gear. 

The GANT wash bag is an ideal choice for carrying toiletries while traveling overseas or as a gift. In addition to travel, it can also be used for storing toiletries at home. The wash bag has a sporty and vintage look, with the classic GANT Retro Shield logo printed on the front. 

Essential Items - What to include?

To create the ideal bag for a business trip, it's important to pack a limited selection of functional items that can be easily combined or adapted to suit different situations.

While the specific contents of your bag will vary depending on the length of your trip and your schedule, there are a few key pieces that should always be included for any business travel:


A blazer is an important essential to pack as it is a versatile and stylish item that can elevate any outfit. A blazer can be worn with dress pants and a dress shirt for a formal business meeting or paired with jeans and a casual shirt for a more relaxed look.  It also serves as an excellent layering piece, provides extra warmth, and can help make a good first impression in a professional setting. 

From start to finish, this ISAIA sports jacket is crafted by hand with extreme care and precision. It can be dressed up or down, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Dress it down with a knitted crewneck and jeans for a casual look, or pair it with a shirt and chinos for a more formal setting. 


Chinos are a type of trousers made from lightweight cotton material, typically available in neutral colours such as beige, khaki, or navy. They are a versatile and comfortable alternative to dress pants, suitable for both casual and business settings. Chinos are an essential item to pack for any trip due to their versatility. They can be worn in various ways, either with a formal shirt and blazer for a dressier look or paired with a knitwear or polo shirt for a more relaxed feel. Moreover, chinos are an excellent choice for traveling as they are breathable and comfortable, ensuring a comfortable journey. 


A crisp white shirt is an excellent way to showcase your exceptional style and professionalism. When selecting one, opt for a smooth cotton poplin (or Oxford cotton during the summer months) that has a bit of stretch to ensure comfortable movement and minimize wrinkles. 


A swacket, made from virgin wool, is a great addition to your business travel wardrobe as it provides warmth on colder days. It can be worn over a shirt for a more formal look or paired with a light knit crewneck or half-zip, or Polo T-shirt for a more relaxed outfit. 


If you have some extra weight allowance in your luggage, it may be beneficial to pack a pair of denim jeans for moments of relaxation during your trip. They offer a comfortable yet fashionable option for downtime while on the go. 

Contrary to popular belief, denim can also look smart. Selecting a pair of well-fitting, dark wash jeans without any apparent details such as rips, or fabric treatments,  allows you to combine them with a shirt and blazer for a casual yet elegant appearance.  


Given that shoes can be heavy and bulky, it is advisable to pack a limited number of shoes. A pair of loafers could be a smart choice as they can be paired with formal and casual wear. If there is enough space in the luggage, it might be useful to pack a pair of sneakers as well, as they can also match formal attire, but are a more comfortable option. 


In addition to the clothing items, you may require some accessories for your business trip, including a versatile belt that can complement any outfit, socks, underwear, pyjamas, an umbrella, or sunglasses, depending on the climate of your destination.

Once you have perfected the art of packing light for business travel, you can avoid the need to check in a bag. Like any skill, it becomes easier with practice. Once you have mastered the essentials, you will realize how little you require. This way, you can achieve more with less!