Key Highlights

Seek assistance from the experts at Louis Copeland and Sons for personalized outfit curation and complimentary tailoring services, ensuring you're dressed to impress for any occasion.

  • Blazer-and-Trousers Combo: Opt for a modern blazer paired with complementary trousers for a versatile yet stylish look.

  • Tailored Suit: Elevate your appearance with a timeless two-button suit in blue, grey, or navy, ensuring a refined and sophisticated ensemble.

  • Smart-Casual Attire: Navigate smart-casual dress codes effortlessly with well-fitted open-neck shirts, knit sweaters, or tailored trousers for a distinguished appearance.

  • Shirts: Choose shirts with a flawless fit and pristine appearance to complement your outfit, ensuring a polished and refined look.

  • Footwear: Select traditional formal shoes for a suited look or opt for loafers or contemporary trainers for a smart-casual vibe.

  • Pocket Squares: Add flair to your attire with a pocket square, effortlessly elevating your ensemble with minimal effort.

May 09, 2022

Navigating Communion or Confirmation Dressing: Men's Style Guide

Navigating special occasions like communions, confirmations, and summer events can be daunting for men. Many opt for the safety of their 9-5 business suits, spicing them up with a bold tie or smart-casual shirt. Whether it's a First Holy Communion, Confirmation, wedding function, or social affair, dressing for the occasion should be a chance for every man to shine.

The Smart Option

When a full suit feels too formal and smart-casual leans too casual, turn to the reliable blazer-and-trousers combination. The modern blazer stands out with its distinct structure, bridging the gap between formal and casual menswear. It's the perfect choice for special occasions. Blazers offer endless options. Avoid matching trousers; instead, opt for complementary pieces like grey wool trousers or cream chinos paired with a shirt and tie. With its versatility, the blazer is a fail-safe option for any event. Explore blazer varieties—apart from the classic navy-blue blazer, there's a wide range of choices. Green and red blazers are currently in vogue. A tasteful checkered design can also elevate your look when paired with understated attire, ensuring a harmonious ensemble.

The Super Smart Option

For occasions demanding a 'dress to impress' ethos, nothing surpasses the timeless appeal of a suit—it's a versatile, enduring uniform that elevates any man's appearance. Yet, not all suits are created equal. The key is finding a suit that impeccably fits your frame and, if one is particular, complements your skin tone, projecting an image of refinement and distinction. Opt for a high-quality suit that exudes sophistication, like a timeless two-button, notch lapel blue, grey, or navy suit, ensuring a refined look that stands the test of time. The crucial element? Fit. Pay meticulous attention to the suit's fit—we offer complimentary alterations, ensuring your suit is tailored to perfection. With minor adjustments, your suit transcends from ordinary to extraordinary, reflecting your impeccable taste and style.

The Smart Casual Option

Navigating the realm of smart-casual attire can be perplexing for some, yet it essentially embodies a versatile dress code that seamlessly blends elements of sophistication and informality. While torn jeans and casual hoodies fall short of the mark, well-fitted open-neck shirts, understated knit sweaters, or even polished dark denim jeans serve as ideal choices. Striking the right balance is paramount, achieved by seamlessly integrating smart and casual pieces into your ensemble. Opting for smarter variants of smart-casual attire is advisable for special occasions, such as donning a tailored suit paired with an open-neck shirt. Alternatively, a high-quality crew-neck sweater harmonizes effortlessly with chinos or dark denim for a refined yet relaxed look. For a foolproof option, opt for impeccably tailored trousers paired with a crisp shirt and impeccably polished footwear, ensuring a distinguished appearance befitting any smart-casual dress code.

Shirts to Look At

The ideal shirt embodies a flawless fit, characterized by snug sleeves devoid of billowing, a sleeve length that strikes the perfect balance between too long and too short, and a neckline that is comfortably snug without being overly loose. Moreover, it should boast a pristine appearance, free from wrinkles and blemishes, ensuring a polished and refined look.

Mastering Men's Footwear

Selecting the appropriate footwear hinges on your overall ensemble. Opting for a suit? Traditional formal shoes are the go-to, ensuring a polished appearance from head to toe. Embracing the smart-casual vibe? Loafers offer sophistication, while contemporary trainers add a relaxed touch, ideal for more casual interpretations of the dress code.

Accessorise with Pocket Squares

A pocket square offers a quick and budget-friendly way to add flair to your attire. With just a swift fold and tuck into the pocket of your suit jacket or blazer, it effortlessly elevates your ensemble. The right pocket square choice instantly enhances your style, making a statement with minimal effort.

Dressing Dilemma? Turn to the Experts

sartorial choices. If you find yourself short on time, lacking inspiration, or simply not enthusiastic about shopping for your outfit, why not seek assistance from the experts?

Take Denis, for example, who recently utilized our personal shopping service ahead of his daughter's Confirmation. Initially hesitant to venture beyond his usual style, he was pleasantly surprised by our staff's selections. Pairing a chic linen jacket with slim-fitting chinos and an elegant shirt, complemented by a tasteful pocket square and smart leather loafers, Denis achieved a stunning look he hadn't considered before.

Schedule an appointment at one of our stores, where our knowledgeable staff will curate outfits tailored to your preferences and budget. Plus, take advantage of our complimentary tailoring service to ensure your attire fits impeccably, leaving you dressed to impress for any occasion.