Key Highlights

Your shoes say a lot about you, so keeping them sharp is essential. Follow these simple steps to maintain your footwear and ensure you're always putting your best foot forward.

  • Keep It Clean: Regularly polish leather shoes and use specialized care for suede and canvas trainers.

  • Repair It: Address signs of wear promptly to extend the lifespan of your shoes.

  • Handle with Care: Rotate your shoes regularly to prevent excessive wear and tear.

  • Tree of (Long) Life: Invest in high-quality shoe trees to maintain shoe shape and condition.

  • Liquid Assets: Protect suede footwear with specialized leather protectors for year-round wear.

  • Sole Traders: Enhance durability and reduce slipping by adding rubber soles to leather-soled shoes.

May 25, 2022

Shoe TLC: 6 Steps for Keeping Your Footwear Pristine

As the old adage goes, you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. So, what message are your footwear sending? If it's time for a refresh, familiarize yourself with these simple shoe care tips. With just a bit of effort and some insider knowledge, you can keep your shoes looking sharp and your soles ready for anything. Here's how:

Keep It Clean

When it comes to leather shoes, polishing is non-negotiable. Opt for cream-based polish over liquid-filled sponge polish for optimal results. Why? Not only does polishing enhance the appearance of your shoes (perfect for complementing any suit), but it also moisturizes and nourishes the leather, keeping it supple and healthy.

Ideally, polish your shoes every time you wear them. If that's too much, give them a quick rubdown before braving bad weather. For suede shoes, skip the polish and use a suede brush and eraser instead. The eraser removes light markings, while the brush restores the suede's nap.

Even casual footwear like trainers require proper care. For canvas trainers, handwash with fabric shampoo and lukewarm water. Avoid the washing machine! Leather trainers can be cleaned with a few swabs of nail polish remover for stubborn scuff marks.

Repair It

At the first sign of wear on your leather shoes, it's imperative to have a skilled cobbler repair them promptly. Investing in new heels and soles can significantly prolong the life of your shoes, all while costing much less than purchasing a replacement pair. Prioritizing timely repairs ensures that your beloved footwear remains in top condition for years to come.

Handle with Care

Just as with a well-crafted suit, it's essential to handle a high-quality pair of shoes with care. To ensure their longevity, rotate your shoes regularly to allow them ample time to "rest" between wears. This practice helps prevent excessive wear and tear, ensuring that your footwear maintains its pristine condition for longer periods.

Tree of (Long) Life

Investing in high-quality wooden shoe trees, especially cedar ones, is a smart move for maintaining the shape and condition of your footwear. Whether you own Oxfords, wingtips, loafers, or designer trainers in nappa suede, using shoe trees during their "resting" period helps absorb moisture and prevents creasing in the leather. Considering the investment you've made in your shoes, opting for top-notch shoe trees is a wise decision that pays off in the long run.

Liquid Assets

Living in Ireland means your shoes are likely to face wet conditions year-round. To protect your suede footwear, opt for a specialized leather protector instead of traditional products like Dubbin. These sprays are easy to apply and can significantly extend the lifespan of your shoes. Apply the water repellent before the shoes' first wear and follow the instructions for regular reapplication to maintain optimal protection.

Sole Traders

Experts often disagree on the best methods for extending the life of leather-soled shoes. However, we believe that adding a rubber sole onto the original leather sole is a reliable way to increase longevity. Not only does it enhance durability, but it also reduces the risk of slipping, particularly on streets like Grafton Street. Just like a house needs a solid foundation, your shoes require proper care to maintain their quality. So, ensure your soles are in excellent condition to put your best foot forward at all times.