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Dress like Erik ten hag and Pep guardiola with UBR - The Football Manager’s Choice

At Louis Copeland we are proud to work with such innovative and technical brands such as UBR. UBR's men's overcoats have been seen on multiple iconic football managers recently, read below to see where you can shop the styles and purchase your own UBR overcoat.

In many ways a Premier League manager is the ultimate leader. Being in charge of the squad in top level football, the person who often gets the most pressure and attention in the season is the club’s manager. 

They always need to deliver on matchday. Staying warm and comfortable on the pitch whilst also looking sharp is paramount - regardless of the conditions.

Recently, both Erik ten Hag and Pep Guardiola have been seen wearing these clean designed Scandinavian jackets. We have had quite a few enquiries about the “U logo” coat and the parka with the square dots on the sleeves and back shoulder. Learning which particular jackets these are isn’t straightforward since the branding is quite subtle. We aim to shed some light on the mystery!

 In addition to Mr. ten Hag and Guardiola, Jesse Marsch, Patrick Vieira, Ralph Ragnick and Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer have also been seen wearing these subtle jackets. The brand we are talking about is Norwegian and called UBR. Shaped by Norway’s ice-cold winters and rainy summers, the coats are technical tools to support the wearer in their daily business and travel. Their versatility means that the jackets work well regardless of local weather conditions. For instance, ten Hag has been seen in his UBR coats in both snow and heavy rain, but also on warmer days. Let's have a look at what they have been wearing!

Pep Guardiola wearing the Titan Parka:

Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, has often been seen in his TITAN™ Parka. Luxurious, comfortable, and warm with great weather protection against even the coldest winter. Filled with premium goose down, it guarantees exceptional lightness, and freedom of movement. Not creating any bulk, the sleek look is truly a great fit for Josep Guardiola.

Usage Range: -20 / +5°C

Erik Ten Hag wearing the Black Storm Coat:

You may have seen Erik Ten Hag wearing several UBR coats at the Manchester United matches. Following the tradition of previous United managers Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick, he also seems to be a fan of the Scandinavian outerwear brand. Most notably he has been wearing the Black Storm™ Coat, which has kept him protected from the elements.

The Black Storm™ Coat has full storm protection offering 20K mm waterproofness and very high breathability. It has a removable insulation, which is why this coat can range from -20 to +20 degrees while keeping you comfortable.

Mr. Ten hag has also been seen wearing his Regulator™ Coat, and Regulator™ Parka during English football matches.

Jesse Marsch wearing a Regulator Coat:

The Regulator™ Coat is a highly technical autumn and winter coat, perfect for withstanding heavy rain and winds. Weighing only 500g there is minimal weight on the shoulders. Dynamic 4-way stretch fabric also makes it less restrictive so you can cheer for your favorite team with no boundaries.

Main usage range is within -5 degrees and +10 degrees. This makes it an optimal business coat for spring, autumn, and mild winters.

Style-wise it’s also very versatile. The American legend Jesse Marsch has been seen rocking his coat along with a shirt, sweater, scarf, and even a hoodie.


Patrick Vieira wearing Regulator Parka Savile and Raptor Vest

The Raptor™ vest is exceptionally light weight with technical insulation to keep you perfectly warm without adding bulk. This might be why Patrick Vieira chose the vest; it strikes a balance between fashion and function. Like all UBR vests, they pair perfectly with their functional business coats.

Regulator Parka Savile has been a popular style in Irish winters. Made of Italian-woven Merino Wool, it is a very exclusive winter parka. High in warmth, comfort and style.

UBR’s design is based on meaningful technical innovations, a sleek, understated look and Scandinavian minimalism. With smartly generated innovations combined with thoroughly sourced materials, UBR has the coat for any occasion.

We are proud to be UBR’s official Irish partner. You can find their garments in all our stores, and we also offer worldwide shipping in our online store.