Holiday Collection

What is business casual?

Our one rule to Summer shopping!

Louis Copeland and Sons' Holiday Collection is all about timeless style that lasts. When summer rolls around, it's worth choosing quality over quantity for those special pieces that you'll wear again and again. Build a wardrobe you can rely on, so when winter ends, you're excited to swap out those heavy clothes for something lighter and more stylish.


Summer shirts, crafted from lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton, are a must-have for versatile style during the warmer months.

Throw them over swim shorts for a casual beach bar look, then transition seamlessly to a fancy dinner off the beach. They offer laid-back charm wherever your adventures take you.


In summer, the right trousers are key for style and comfort on holiday.

A light wash chino transitions effortlessly from day to night, while a well-fitting pair of shorts becomes your go-to choice every year, offering versatility and ease for all your adventures.


Whether you're wandering through ancient ruins or enjoying dinner in a city where the nights turn chilly, knitwear acts as a light cover-up, keeping you cozy without sacrificing style.

It's the ideal option for those late-night laughs and drinks with your travel partner, adding warmth and charm to every moment of your journey.

Light Jacket

Investing in lightweight outerwear for summer is key for staying comfy in unexpected chills, whether by the beach or on a mountain golf course.

A great gilet or lightweight jacket complements your outfit, providing warmth without bulkiness.

It's the versatile layer you'll rely on for any summer adventure, from coastal walks to mountain escapades.

Travel accessories

Investing in the right travel accessories is crucial for a smooth journey.

From compact bags that fit under the seat or in the cabin above, to durable and versatile options, these accessories become your trusted travel companions, offering peace of mind as you explore the world, ensuring your belongings are safe and accessible.


Having the right footwear is essential for holidays, as it can make or break your experience.

A versatile shoe can take you from exploring city streets to evening strolls, and even romantic candlelight dinners.

With the perfect shoes, you can fully immerse yourself in the adventure of your holiday, knowing that you're prepared for whatever the day or night brings.