Geometric Silk Tie - Purple

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Crafted by Eton and using on the highest quality materials available, this silk tie is the perfect way to finish off any formal ensemble.

A classic 3-fold construction with minimal interlining ensures that the tie will knot beautifully and hold for the entire day whether you prefer a half/full windsor, schoolboy knot or whatever works for you. The high-quality silk also will ensure the tie creates a nice dimple as well for a distinguished look. The 8cm width will look proportional on you as well. 

Whether it’s for a business meeting with a client or a guest at a wedding, this tie will make you stand apart from everyone else in attendance. Pair them with a nice shirt and blazer for a smart casual look or a full suit when the occasion calls for it.

  • 8cm Width
  • 3-Fold Construction
  • Minimal Interlining
  • Made in England

Fabric Composition: 100% Silk

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