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Luxury Lifestyle at Louis Copeland and Sons - Discovering Rathbornes 1488

Louis Copeland and Sons has recently introduced a new Luxury Lifestyle collection featuring a range of exquisite Irish-made products. This collection encompasses various items such as glassware, candles, skincare products, luxury home items like lamps and wooden bowls, and much more. Not only are these items a delightful treat for oneself, but they also make exceptional gifts.  This blog aims to explore the fascinating story behind the Rathbornes 1488  brand, delving into its rich history and heritage.

"Rathbornes Lighting the Way Since 1488"

The History of Rathbornes

Rathbornes, the world's oldest candlemaker and Ireland's oldest company, traces its origins back to 1488. Founded by John G Rathborne on Winetavern Street in Dublin, the company embarked on its remarkable journey by securing a contract to illuminate homes, churches, and lighthouses across Ireland. In 1925, the candle factory relocated to East Wall Road in Dublin Port, and to this day, the factory remains in Dublin, having moved to Rosemount Business Park in 2002.The company's motto, "Let Your Light So Shine," encapsulates its mission and philosophy. Throughout its long history, Rathbornes has illuminated the streets of Ireland and brought the captivating glow of scented candles into countless homes. By carefully creating fragrances inspired by the beauty of Irish landscapes, Rathbornes continues to honour and showcase Irish heritage and tradition. With their unwavering motto as a guiding principle, Rathbornes encourages individuals to embrace their own inner light and allow it to brighten the world, mirroring the radiant impact their candles have had for centuries. 


Rathbornes candles are distinguished by their unmatched expertise and craftsmanship. Each candle is meticulously hand-poured in small batches, utilizing a unique combination of 100% sustainable beeswax, rapeseed, and coconut waxes. This blend demonstrates the essence of luxury, and elegance with Rathbornes. Since 1488, beeswax has remained a crucial ingredient in Rathbornes' candle-making process, contributing to the superior quality they are known for. To further demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, Rathbornes sources rapeseed wax locally from Ireland, not only for its exceptional quality but also for its minimal carbon footprint. These carefully selected waxes are then expertly blended with the finest fragrances, resulting in candles that release a captivating scent, enveloping your space with a long-lasting aroma.

The importance of scent

Scents possess a profound link to memories and emotions, prompting vivid recollections and evoking intense sentiments. Additionally, scent serves as a means of communication and attraction among humans, playing a significant role in personal identification. Rathbornes candles excel at crafting a captivating ambiance, rendering them an impeccable gift for special occasions and celebrations. The gift of scent can infuse any space with an enchanting blend of warmth, freshness, or romance, making our range of Rathbornes 1488 products a practical and highly cherished choice.

Create a Memorable Wedding Atmosphere with Rathbornes



Crafting a Memorable Wedding Table Through Scents:

Incorporating scented candles on your wedding tables can elevate the vibe and create a memorable experience for guests. Scented candles offer aromatherapy benefits, promoting relaxation and setting a soothing mood. They enhance the sensory experience, the glistening flames add a cozy and intimate atmosphere, and contribute to personalized and stylish table decor. The unique fragrance association creates lasting memories, that will always come back when they smell this scent. You should, however, consider guest sensitivities and opt for subtle fragrances to create an inviting and romantic atmosphere on your wedding day.


Luxury Wedding Party Gifts:

With bridesmaid proposals being so popular where loved ones are asked to be a part of the wedding party through a heartfelt note and receiving a small gift. It is common to gift all wedding party members on the wedding day as a gesture to say thank you for the help they have provided during your special day. Rathborne's 1488 has many gifts to choose from including candles, reed diffusers and lotions. The luxury items are nice to receive as it can be something one does not think to buy for themself. 



The Collections

Botanical Bee Collection:

Over 100 million years ago, bees and flowers established a mutually beneficial partnership. Throughout the centuries, flowers underwent adaptations in their scents and colours to enhance their appeal to bees. The botanical bee collection embodies the intricate fragrances of these flowers, resulting in a completely natural candle that has the potential to enhance our emotional and physical well-being, as well as contribute positively to the environment as a whole. Rathbornes selection of custom blended oils have been thoughtfully chosen to reduce stress and anxiety, facilitate restful sleep and relaxation, and uplift mood.


Botanical Bee Collection Scents:

Herbal Woods:  Bright top notes of orange and bergamot offset clary sage, camomile and marjoram complimented by strong base notes of smooth sandalwood and cedarwood. 

Bergamot and Orange oil are known for their soothing effects alleviating tension, anxiety and depression. Marjoram oil has been used therapeutically for centuries for its warming properties and ability to ease away aches and pains.

 Jasmine & Petitgrain: 

An abundance of floral fragrances. Green top notes of galbanum are sweetened with zesty lemon, a bouquet of mimosa, ylang, orange blossom, petitgrain and jasmine, all balanced by base notes of cedarwood.
Mimosa, orange blossom and jasmine oil are all known for their grounding, calming and stress relieving properties. Petitgrain oil is relaxing and refreshing, used to calm everyday stresses and strains and is often used to promote a restful night.

Beyond The Pale Collection:

Drawing inspiration from Ireland's untamed countryside, this extraordinary assortment of candles and diffusers showcases the essence of the land. "Beyond the Pale," derived from the historic phrase denoting areas beyond Dublin city walls, presents a range of 8 distinctive scents that capture the essence of the wild countryside, blending the allure of the Irish landscape with a modern twist. The collection encapsulates the romance of nature while offering a contemporary edge.


Beyond The Pale Collection Scents:  

Experience the warm and comforting embrace of Cedar, Cloves, and Ambergris:

Find solace in the initial delightful hints of cloves, enriched by the presence of rosewood, orange zest, eucalyptus, and the opulent undertones of cinnamon and black amber. Indulge in the captivating essence of festive spices, as the comforting blend of cloves and cedar evokes a sense of decadence and emotional connection.

Immerse yourself in the essence of elegance with the Rosemary, Fougere & Camphor Classic Candle:

Discover a refined indulgence that unveils the captivating allure of rosemary, enthralling and enigmatic with it's smoky and unexpected characteristics.

Experience the intricate layers of this scent, beginning with the complexity of rosemary and thyme as the top notes, harmoniously blending with a seductive fragrance of lavender, armoise, and a woody foundation composed of cedar, camphor, and pine needles.

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