Key Highlights

Welcome to our Luxury Lifestyle section, where we honor the craftsmanship behind our esteemed homeware suppliers' brands.

  • Fred O'Mahony: Master woodturner creating bespoke pieces from Irish hardwoods, highlighting natural beauty.

  • Criostal na Rinne: Studio founded by Eamonn Terry, crafting exquisite hand-cut Irish crystal.

  • Copperfish Studio: Family venture crafting lighting fixtures from salvaged timber, blending sustainability with rustic elegance.

  • Donegal Pens: Renowned for handmade wooden pens and pencils, each piece unique and of premium quality.

  • Oxmantown: Natural skincare emphasizing botanical extracts, sustainability, and artisanal craftsmanship.

  • Rathbornes: Candle-making excellence since 1488, hand-pouring premium candles with captivating fragrances.

February 17, 2023

The Skillset & Story Behind Our Homeware

Welcome to our newest addition: the Luxury Lifestyle section. In celebrating this launch, we're taking a moment to honor the craftsmanship that lies at the heart of each of our esteemed suppliers' brands.

Beyond the allure of the final product, we acknowledge the depth of skill and dedication required in woodturning, glassware, and artwork. Each craft embodies a rich tradition of mastery and artistry, honed over years of dedication and refinement.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the stories behind these crafts, paying homage to the artisans whose passion and expertise elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Fred O'Mahony

Fred O'Mahony boasts 25 years of mastery in woodturning, crafting bespoke pieces like bowls, chopping boards, and unique gifts from Irish native hardwoods. Each creation is meticulously chosen and finished to highlight the wood's natural beauty.

Woodturning's allure lies in its ability to shape raw timber into functional art. Fred's work strikes a balance between enhancing wood's innate beauty and practicality. Unique shapes, like his natural-edge bowls, showcase the craft's creative potential.

Handcrafted quality defines Fred's pieces, impossible to replicate en masse. His creations embody Irish wood's splendor, each bearing the artisan's touch.

Beyond aesthetics, woodturning holds cultural significance, preserving heritage across generations. Fred's work honors this tradition, connecting past and present.

In essence, the beauty of woodturning lies in each creation's individuality, from the wood's organic charm to the artisan's craftsmanship and cultural legacy.

Criostal na Rinne

Nestled in Ireland's Ancient East, Criostal na Rinne is a revered hand-cut crystal studio founded by Eamonn Terry, a master glasscutter with over 50 years of expertise. From his tenure at Waterford Crystal to the establishment of Criostal na Rinne in 1987, Terry has consistently delivered breathtaking Irish crystal of unparalleled quality and beauty.

Glassmaking, an ancient craft, captivates with its transformation of raw materials into luminous, functional art. Its allure is multifaceted:

Transparency and luminosity: Glass's inherent transparency allows for captivating light refraction, creating mesmerizing visual effects.

Form and shape: With limitless potential for shaping, glass yields an extraordinary array of design possibilities.

Reflection and refraction: Glass's reflective and refractive properties capture and refract light, creating enchanting plays of color.

Historical and cultural significance: Glassmaking's rich heritage enhances its allure, embedding cultural significance into each piece.

In essence, glassmaking's beauty lies in its ability to transmute raw materials into culturally significant, visually stunning objects, where transparency, form, color, and texture converge to create timeless appeal.

Copperfish Studio

Copperfish, an esteemed family venture nestled in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, specializes in crafting exquisite lighting fixtures from salvaged and storm-fallen timber. Founded in 2016 by Eoin Shanley, the inspiration for the business blossomed during the restoration of a 200-year-old thatched cottage, where Eoin and his wife Yvonne, adhering to conservation principles, utilized local, traditional, and salvaged materials.

Crafting Light with Character: Utilizing reclaimed and storm-fallen timber yields lighting fixtures with distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs. Each piece showcases the wood's natural variations, including knots and grains, infusing character and charm impossible to replicate.

Environmental Consciousness: Embracing reclaimed materials champions sustainability by reducing waste and conserving natural resources, breathing new life into discarded timber.

Rustic Elegance: The inherent warmth and texture of reclaimed timber lend a rustic, inviting aesthetic to any space, evoking a sense of coziness and serenity.

Design Versatility: From minimalist to ornate, reclaimed timber offers boundless design possibilities, shaping effortlessly into diverse forms and styles.

Nature's Embrace: Crafting with reclaimed timber fosters a deep connection to the natural world, infusing spaces with a tranquil, grounding presence.

Crafting lighting fixtures with reclaimed timber embodies both beauty and sustainability, offering unique pieces that harmonize with nature while illuminating spaces with timeless elegance.

Donegal Pens

Founded by brothers Rónán and Conor McGarvey in 2010, Donegal Pens is renowned for crafting exquisite wooden pens and pencils in the heart of Ireland's Gaeltacht region. Each piece is meticulously turned and polished by hand in their workshop, ensuring individual attention from inception to completion. Sold across Ireland, Europe, and the US, Donegal Pens offer a diverse array of wood types, including Bog Oak, Yew, and Walnut, among others.

Reasons to choose Donegal Pens:

Uniqueness: Every pen boasts distinct characteristics, from color to grain, instilling a sense of pride and exclusivity in its owner.

Quality: Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, these pens exude luxury and sophistication uncommon in mass-produced counterparts.

Support for artisans: Purchasing a Donegal Pen supports independent artisans, fostering traditional craftsmanship and preserving heritage.

Gift giving: These handcrafted pens make memorable gifts for various occasions, symbolizing thoughtfulness and appreciation for years to come.


Amy's journey in health and wellness culminated in the creation of Oxmantown. Influenced by global travels and holistic therapy training, she champions natural skincare in Dublin. Emphasizing skin absorption, Amy sources botanicals for their purity and organic origin.

Why choose Oxmantown:

1. Premium Ingredients: Botanical extracts and essential oils form the basis of Oxmantown's skincare, ensuring gentle yet effective nourishment.

2. Chemical-Free: Eschewing synthetic additives, Oxmantown's products cater to sensitive skin, prioritizing natural purity.

3. Sustainable Ethics: Eco-friendly packaging and fair trade sourcing underscore Oxmantown's commitment to sustainability and community welfare.

4. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Small-batch production guarantees meticulous quality control, reflecting care and expertise.

5. Local Support: Supporting Oxmantown bolsters local economy and promotes community values, fostering a sustainable skincare ethos.


Craftsmanship defines Rathbornes candles, rooted in centuries of history and expertise.

Key elements shaping Rathbornes' craft:

1. Heritage: Since 1488, Rathbornes has epitomized candle-making excellence. Preserving tradition while embracing innovation underscores their dedication to quality.

2. Hand-Poured Artistry: Meticulously poured by skilled artisans, each candle embodies attention to detail and consistency, ensuring superior quality.

3. Premium Ingredients: Rathbornes' candles feature sustainable blends of beeswax and premium essential oils, crafting fragrances of unrivaled richness and longevity.

4. Fragrance Mastery: Perfumers curate captivating scent profiles, balancing notes to evoke memorable olfactory experiences.

5. Hand-Finishing Excellence: Each candle undergoes meticulous hand-finishing, ensuring perfection in appearance and performance.

6. Artistic Packaging: Reflecting elegance and heritage, Rathbornes' packaging enhances the overall candle experience.

7. Custom Wick Design: Carefully selected and positioned wicks guarantee optimal, even burns, maximizing fragrance dispersion and longevity.

Rathbornes candles epitomize a harmonious blend of tradition, expertise, and meticulous craftsmanship, delivering unparalleled quality and sensory delight.