Key Highlights

Mastering smart casual attire can be a breeze with these versatile outfit ideas:

  • Suits & Trainers: Blend formality with casual vibes by pairing a sharp suit with trendy trainers. Stick to understated colors and leather footwear for a contemporary look suitable for various occasions.

  • Blazers & Jeans: Combine a tailored blazer with dark jeans or chinos for a polished yet relaxed style. Opt for statement blazers and neutral bottoms, completing the look with stylish footwear like Chelsea boots or dressy loafers.

  • Rollneck Jumper: Elevate your look with a roll-neck jumper, pairing it with casual trousers and smart casual footwear. Keep it simple and refined with plain designs and quality materials for a touch of sophistication.

  • Sweatshirt & Shirt: Achieve an understated yet stylish look with a sweatshirt-and-shirt combo. Choose high-quality sweatshirts in neutral tones and pair them with printed or plain shirts. Complete the ensemble with smart casual trousers like dark denim or chinos.

  • Swacket: Embrace versatility with a swacket, a hybrid between a sweater and a jacket. Ideal for transitioning between casual and formal occasions, the swacket pairs well with shirts or t-shirts and can be complemented by chinos or jeans. Complete the look with classic footwear choices like loafers or desert boots.

May 05, 2022

5 Smart Casual Outfits for the Modern Man

Mastering the smart-casual dress code can be challenging for many men. With its broad spectrum of interpretations, ranging from weddings to Sunday lunches, defining what constitutes 'smart casual' isn't always straightforward.

Despite its ambiguity, it's crucial to grasp this dress code as it becomes increasingly mainstream. Smart casual, essentially blending formality with informality, offers versatile style options suitable for various occasions.

Fortunately, the diverse nature of smart casual allows for a plethora of outfit choices, catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer denim, sharp tailoring, or prioritize comfort, there are numerous ways to create a smart casual look that suits your individual style.

Outfit 1 - Suits & Trainers

Pairing a sharp suit with trendy trainers is a favorite among style enthusiasts and fits perfectly within the smart casual category. This combination blends the formality of a suit with the casual vibe of trainers, creating a contemporary look that signals a keen fashion sense.

To nail this look, keep it simple. Choose an understated suit in charcoal grey or dark navy, avoiding bold patterns or colors. Opt for leather trainers in white, brown, or black for a sleek appearance, or suede trainers for a trendy touch. With the right footwear, this outfit can even be appropriate for a Dress-Down Friday at the office.

Outfit 2 - Blazers & Jeans

A blazer paired with jeans or chinos is a perfect smart casual combination, striking a balance between business and relaxed style. Start with a blazer that doesn’t match your trousers. Opt for fabrics like tweed, wool, or linen and choose colors or patterns that make a statement.

Neutral blazers also work well, allowing you to add color with your shirt or sweater. Personalize your look with a pocket square for an instant upgrade. Choose dark, well-fitted jeans over distressed or faded ones, or opt for neutral-colored chinos.

Complete the look with polished Chelsea boots, dressy loafers, quality leather sneakers, or dapper derbies for a touch of laid-back finesse.

Outfit 3 - Rollneck Jumper

The roll-neck, also known as the polo neck or turtleneck, is currently a standout piece in menswear. It's an excellent smart casual garment, combining the comfort of a crew neck with a more polished appearance.

Choose high-quality materials to ensure durability and avoid unsightly bobbles. Plain designs are best for a refined look. Pair your roll-neck with casual trousers like dark denim, pristine chinos, or slim cords, and finish the look with loafers, desert boots, or other smart casual footwear.

For the upper half, simplicity is key. A roll-neck pairs well with a dapper blazer for indoor settings. For outerwear, consider a fitted bomber jacket for a contemporary touch, a plain trench coat in cream or navy for class, or a single- or double-breasted camel overcoat for timeless elegance.

Outfit 4 - Sweatshirt & Shirt

For a more casual take on smart casual, a stylish shirt-and-jumper combo is an excellent choice for an accessible and understated look.

Opt for high-quality sweatshirts in materials like cashmere or Merino wool, and stick to timeless neutrals like beige, grey, or navy. Avoid anything with bold logos to maintain a refined appearance.

The shirt underneath offers room for personal expression. You can choose a printed or patterned shirt for some flair, or stick to a plain, crisp Oxford for versatility.

For trousers, smart casual options include dark denims, moleskins, smart flannel pants, or chinos. Chinos, in particular, offer comfort and a tailored look, with the added benefit of allowing a pop of color if desired.

Outfit 5 - Swacket

The swacket is a highly adaptable fashion essential, perfect for transitioning between casual and formal occasions. Its versatility lies in its ability to complement various outfits, effortlessly shifting from relaxed weekend wear to polished formal ensembles. This wardrobe staple navigates seasonal changes with ease, adding sophistication to any look. With numerous styling possibilities, the swacket is a timeless and pragmatic choice for those seeking comfort and fashion versatility.

Available in different weights and shades depending on the season, the swacket pairs well with either a shirt or a t-shirt, and can be complemented by chinos or jeans. Footwear choices typically align with the selected trousers, with reliable options including loafers, brogues, desert boots, and monk straps.