Louis Copeland and Sons, suits | Dress Arthur Gourounlian for his Tv debut

Arthur Gourounlian, suits, dancing with the stars

In our store, Arthur Gourounlian walked in with a vibrant aura, brimming with life and energy. Known for his dynamic presence as a judge on Dancing With The Stars Ireland, Arthur was on a quest for something truly exceptional - six suits that not only fits perfectly him but also echoed his vivacious personality. If you haven’t watched Dancing with the Stars this season, let us introduce you to Arthur. A multi-talented Creative Director, Choreographer, Professional Dancer, and Author.

Arthur's journey to style excellence is as remarkable as his illustrious career. Born in Armenia amidst political turmoil, he embarked on a path that led him across Europe, honing his skills as a dancer and eventually establishing himself as a renowned Creative Director. From sharing stages with global icons to gracing the screens of international audiences. With his discerning eye and penchant for flair, Arthur collaborated with Louis Copeland and Sons to curate six distinct looks, each a testament to his unique style and spirit. From luxurious velvet to refined mohair, every ensemble was meticulously crafted to embody Arthur's essence.

Chocolate Brown Double Breasted Velvet Suit:

Arthur’s first choice for his tv debut on dancing with the stars was a double-breasted velvet suit featuring wide peak lapels, exuding sophistication with a touch of daring. Arthur's tagline, "j’adore," discreetly embroidered beneath the collar, added a personal flourish to the ensemble. Paired with a modern twist, a sleek polo neck. The look transcended traditional style boundaries, merging classic with contemporary pieces.

Blue Mohair Three-Piece Tuxedo:

Arthurs second outfit was a true statement piece in midnight blue, this three-piece ensemble exuded timeless charm. Wide lapels in satin, a double-breasted waistcoat, and the empowering message "let’s do this" hidden beneath the collar spoke volumes of Arthur's bold spirit. With side adjusters on his trousers ensuring a perfect fit, this ensemble was perfect for his role as gudgeon dancing with the stars.

Pink Single Breasted Suit

No surprise Arthur did not hold back on his third look. This pink single-breasted suit featured wide peak lapels and side adjusters on the trousers for optimal comfort. A subtle nod to Arthur's flamboyant persona, this ensemble embraced individuality while exuding effortless charm. We love to see how Arthur can elevate the look further when styling all his looks himself. He chose fun shirts to match the suit and jewellery from his own collection. 

Blue Mohair Suit:

Effortlessly chic yet understated, this mohair suit in vibrant blue matched Arthur perfectly. Lightweight and versatile, it allowed Arthur to command attention, a true reflection of his multifaceted personality. Again, Arthur had his favourite slogan embroidered underneath the collar of the suit, “j’adore” was his chosen slogan on this suit. 

Red Velvet Showstopper:

A vision in crimson, this red velvet jacket with a shawl lapel stole the spotlight on the finale of dancing with the stars. Paired with sleek black tuxedo pants, it emphasised drama and flair, ensuring Arthur stood out with unparalleled confidence and style. Arthur chose to pair an alternative style black polo with this jacket to step away from a classic tuxedo look. 

Leigh Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit:

Arthur stood out in his pinstripe suit, its double-breasted silhouette and peak lapels. A nod to Arthur's timeless taste it effortlessly combined tradition with modernity. The perfect outfit for Arthur’s serious yet fun persona during his time as a judge on dancing with the stars. 

Creating each outfit to last during his time on the show and being able to wear them in his everyday life, we feel Arthur and our team in succeeded in styling these outfits for the occasion while leaving space to dress them down for an everyday look. From personalised taglines to carefully chosen accessories, every detail reflected his unparalleled flair for fashion.

As Arthur continues to inspire audiences with his creativity and charisma, his stylish choices remain a reflection of his vibrant spirit and unyielding passion for life. In every stitch, every fabric, and every ensemble, Arthur Gourounlian's extraordinary suits embody the artistry of fashion and the essence of a true icon.