Key Highlights

Discover the art of made-to-measure suits with Louis Copeland & Sons.

  • Plan Ahead: Consider the occasion, season, and frequency of wear. Seek inspiration and advice to ensure your suit aligns with your needs.

  • Choose Wisely: Select fabrics based on the event and climate. Our experts will guide you to make the best choices.

  • Versatility Matters: Opt for classic pieces that can be worn beyond the initial occasion, maximizing value and style.

  • Find Inspiration: Utilize social media and our staff's expertise to refine your style preferences.

  • Allow Ample Time: Book your appointment four to six months in advance to ensure a seamless process. Garments typically take six to eight weeks to be made. Schedule now at your nearest store.

April 17, 2023

Expert Advice: Crafting the Perfect Made to Measure Suit with Louis Copeland & Sons

Wearing a made-to-measure suit is an unparalleled experience. The way it effortlessly conforms to your body, accentuating your shoulders and slimming your waist, is unmatched. Whether you opt for a classic two-piece suit, a sophisticated dinner suit (tuxedo), or a casual sports jacket, the precision tailoring ensures a perfect fit that boosts your confidence. While reveling in this luxury, we offer tips to ensure your made-to-measure garment becomes the cornerstone of your wardrobe.

Planning Ahead & Considerations

Planning is integral to the entire process. Consider the occasion, the season, and the anticipated frequency of wear. Having a clear idea of your preferences guides us in crafting your bespoke tailored suit. Understanding the event, the climate, and the versatility desired ensures a garment that aligns perfectly with your needs and expectations. Additionally, gathering inspiration from various sources like social media and seeking advice from our experienced staff can further enrich your decision-making process.

The Right Occasion

At Louis Copeland and Sons' made-to-measure experience, we offer a vast selection of fabrics. Before your visit, consider these questions to make the most of our professional tailors. For example, if you're marrying in summer in Portugal, heavy wool flannel might not be ideal. Similarly, for a year-round sports jacket in Ireland, very light linen may not be suitable. Understanding the occasion and season is crucial, and our tailoring experts will help determine the best options for your needs.

Future Use

Our Made-to-Measure service offers endless options, allowing you to create something truly unique. Consider the versatility of your garments for future use. A classic navy or grey made-to-measure blazer, for example, can be easily paired with various items in your wardrobe. After the main occasion, such as a wedding, has passed, these pieces can be worn in different ways throughout the year. For instance, a classic navy suit in a medium-weight fabric can be worn as a full suit, with trousers swapped out for a classic grey option, or the jacket paired with chinos or jeans for a casual look.


Utilizing platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and television can greatly aid in consolidating your ideas and creating a tangible look before placing your order for a made-to-measure suit. Whether you aspire to emulate the style of David Beckham in one of his bespoke suits at Wimbledon or Daniel Craig in a James Bond film, or if you've been inspired by a particular look on social media platforms, having an image to draw inspiration from is invaluable. Our staff members are also excellent resources for inspiration and advice, each with their own unique styles and insights to share.

Give it Time

Timing is crucial when it comes to getting a made-to-measure suit. We advise booking your appointment four to six months before your event. This allows ample time for consultations, fabric selection, and placing your order. Typically, garments take six to eight weeks to be made. Book your appointment directly at the store of your choice or contact us for more information. We can't wait to assist you!