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Men’s Smart Casual Shoes – Complete Guide

Men’s Smart Casual Shoes – Complete Guide

From minimalist trainers to lace-up boots, there’s a whole world of footwear that fits into the smart-casual dress code. Smart-casual, as many men will attest, is the dress code that…

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From minimalist trainers to lace-up boots, there’s a whole world of footwear that fits into the smart-casual dress code.

Smart-casual, as many men will attest, is the dress code that causes the most confusion since it’s open to so much interpretation. But while we have covered the basics in previous blogs such as "What is Smart Casual?" we’ve yet to go into depth on smart-casual shoes.

Well, that’s about to change. As of now. Given the broad parameters of the men’s smart-casual casual dress code, there are a range of acceptable shoes, each of which has two things in common: quality and style. But, thankfully, whatever your budget, there are numerous options that will tick both boxes. And here’s what makes the smart-casual shoe grade.

  1. Keep It Simple

With the Stemar Roma the perfect combination of both comfort and style.

Smart Casual Shoes_Stemar

  1. Open Lacing Patent Dress Shoe

Shine through with the Stemar Vernice Patent Leather Shoe

Stemar Vernice Patent Leather Shoe

  1. Give it the boot

With the Moreschi Desert Boot

Moreschi Desert Boot

  1. Use Your Loaf

With the GANT Blue Mc Bay Loafers

Gant loafers

  1.  Monc Around

With the Magnanni Double Moncs

Magnanni Double Moncs


  1. Race Day

With the Loake Shoemakers Sprint Leather Sneakers

Smart casual shoes _Loake sneakers

  1. Hit the Deck

With the SWIMS Blue Penny Loafers



Derbys, Oxfords and brogues are more commonly associated with formalwear but, such is their versatility, these classic shoe styles can all be readily incorporated into a man’s smart-casual wardrobe. While all three shoe styles are united by their formal heritage, each has its own distinct characteristics.

Derbys are about as simple as shoes get. Apart from occasional toe variations, such as apron, cap, and split toes, they are about as pared-back and simple as a smart shoe can be. These Stemar Moresco Derby Shoes are the epitomy of class.

Derby shoes

Oxfords, meanwhile, are distinguished by their low heel, exposed ankle and closed lacing system. Perfectly exhibited in this classic pair by Magnanni.

Oxford shoes

Then, of course, there’s the instantly recognisable brogue, which come in a host of varieties, depending on the amount of brogue detailing on their upper.

Brogue shoes

As already mentioned, this classic trio is resolutely formal, but each works well in a smart-casual environment. If the emphasis of a smart-casual event is predominantly on ‘smart’, rather than ‘casual’, look to a Derby, an Oxford or a trusty brogue and you’ll be bang on the money. 

Looking for more tips and advice? Check out the How-To and Smart Casual sections to keep up with the latest trends and improve your style game.


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