Key Highlights

Master the art of summer dressing with these essential tips and wardrobe upgrades to stay stylish and comfortable in the warmer months.

  • Lighten Up: Embrace lighter colors like red chinos or teal V-necks to brighten your summer wardrobe.

  • Blazer Sharp: Invest in a smart blazer for versatile styling options, from formal to casual occasions.

  • Shirting the Issue: Stick to classic patterns like checks or stripes for timeless summer shirts.

  • The Long & Short of It: Opt for swim shorts with eye-catching prints to stand out at the beach.

  • Get Shorty: Choose tailored shorts that fall above the knee for a polished summer look.

  • Down to a Tee: Slim-fitting polo shirts offer a stylish alternative to traditional tees.

  • Glass Acts: Invest in sunglasses with UV 400 protection for both style and eye safety.

  • Wearing the Trousers: Light-colored chinos offer breathability and style for summer wear.

  • Hat Trick: Add sophistication to your ensemble with a modern fedora or Panama hat.

  • To Have & To Hold: A durable bag is essential for carrying summer essentials in style.

  • Footwear that won't Flop: Opt for tasseled loafers for versatile and comfortable summer footwear.

  • Put a Sock on It: No-show liners keep you stylish and comfortable while going sockless.

May 25, 2022

Summer Style Secrets You Need to Know

Summer dressing can be notoriously tricky for men, but by sticking to the basics and making a few smart investments, you can confidently put your best foot forward over the next few months.

It’s a paradox of life that the season requiring the least amount of clothing can lead to the greatest number of fashion mishaps.

Admittedly, the unpredictable nature of the Irish summer complicates daily dressing decisions. However, with a bit of know-how and some strategic wardrobe choices, you can look great, stay cool, and avoid any fashion faux pas from now until autumn.

Lighten Up

While many men’s wardrobes resemble the monochromatic palette of an E.L. James novel, summer is the perfect time to break away from black, navy, and fifty shades of grey. These dark colours may be safe, but they can look harsh under the summer sun. Instead, consider embracing a more colourful approach in the coming weeks.

Opt for items like red chinos, a baby blue linen shirt, a teal V-neck, or camel-toned loafers. These lighter-coloured options are excellent alternatives to your usual rotation and can brighten up your look.

However, don’t go overboard: avoid Hawaiian-style novelty shirts and anything neon unless you’re running at night.
Lighter plain-colored shirts, such as sky blue or pink, offer successful combinations with ties. One approach is to opt for an analogous tie color, pairing a light shirt with a darker tie in the same color family. Alternatively, select a complementary tie color based on the color wheel for unexpected yet stylish pairings. Lastly, contrasting colors can be chosen for a bold statement, ensuring that the tie complements rather than clashes with the shirt, such as a red silk tie against a blue shirt or a navy tie paired with a pale pink shirt.

Blazer Sharp

A smart, well-fitting blazer is an indispensable, ultra-versatile essential for the summer months. Its adaptability knows no bounds. Pair it with a crisp shirt for a classic, refined look, or opt for a pressed polo T-shirt for a more laid-back yet polished ensemble. Combine it with dark trousers for a sophisticated touch that can take you from the office to evening gatherings with effortless ease. With such a versatile piece in your wardrobe arsenal, you'll find yourself ready to tackle any occasion that comes your way with style and confidence.

Shirting the Issue

Summer shirts are undeniably crucial, as they encapsulate the essence of good dressing: fine detail, subtle nuance, and a personally honed stance that remains unaffected by passing fads. This summer, simplicity is key. Opt for shirts with classic patterns like checks or stripes, or choose timeless plain designs. By keeping your shirt selection straightforward yet stylish, you'll effortlessly navigate the ever-changing currents of fashion while maintaining a timeless and sophisticated look.

The Long & Short of It

Swim shorts are an excellent way to inject some colour and pattern into your wardrobe. While you can play it safe with a discreet, monochrome design, those with a more adventurous spirit should consider brighter designs with eye-catching prints and patterns. These bolder choices will make you stand out for the right reasons. For a daring swim in Ireland this summer, consider these GANT swim shorts.

Get Shorty

While many of us have been donning shorts since our childhood, truly mastering the art of wearing them well is another feat altogether. The length of your shorts is paramount and cannot be emphasized enough. The key advice? Opt for a tailored pair that gracefully falls a few inches above the knee. This length strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, ensuring you look polished and put-together while staying cool during the summer months.

Down to a Tee

No longer confined to preppies and Wimbledon changing rooms, the new breed of polo T-shirt is infinitely more stylish than its billowing predecessors. Skip the loose-fitting, heavily logoed, and garishly patterned options in favor of more elegant plain designs. Ensure the fit is right—slim-fitting but not clinging—and you'll have a right to bare arms all summer.

Glass Acts

Whether for form (looking good) or function (protection from the sun’s glare), no summer is complete without a pair of sunglasses. While you can certainly splurge on designer shades, there are plenty of wallet-friendly frames that will do the job for the next few months.

However, don't skimp on quality: look for lenses labeled 'UV 400,' which block all UVA and UVB rays, ensuring your eyes get the protection they deserve.

Wearing the Trousers

The chino remains the go-to summer trouser, striking the perfect balance between casual and formal while offering more breathability than denim, which can feel heavy in warmer weather.

Although chinos come in every color imaginable—red and olive being especially popular this season—they don’t always have to be ultra-bold and bright. Opting for a light, washed-out shade like faded blue is a subtler way to have fun with the trend while still staying stylish.

Hat Trick

Whether you're aiming to shield your scalp, face, and neck from the sun's rays or simply stay cool when temperatures soar, the smartest heads this summer will be adorned with a hat. For a stylish option, consider a modern interpretation of a fedora, trilby, or Panama hat. Choose the style that complements your head shape and personal taste, and you'll elevate the sophistication of any smart-casual ensemble.

To Have & To Hold

Functional yet fashionable, a versatile bag is the quintessential summer accessory. Look for one that can easily carry your gym kit, beach essentials, or holiday items. Opt for a durable design in a dark color, and it will serve you faithfully for years to come.

Footwear that won't Flop

While flip-flops may reign as the official footwear of the season, there's a plethora of more flattering and comfortable options available. Tasseled loafers, for example, are among the most versatile styles of summer footwear. They effortlessly dress down a linen suit, elevate a pair of chinos, and even pair well with grown-up shorts when paired with a long-sleeved shirt.

Put a Sock on It

Going sockless can undeniably look chic, but sweaty feet are far from enjoyable. If you're eager to sport the sock-free look, opt for a no-show liner (also known as invisible socks). These liners prevent slippage and retain any unpleasant odors.

Regardless of your budget, implementing these tips will elevate your style game this summer, distinguishing you as a man of distinction rather than just another Irishman abroad.