Key Highlights

Even in a remote setting, dressing appropriately can boost focus, productivity, and confidence during work hours, especially with the prevalence of video calls and virtual meetings.

  • Solid Colour Polos and T-Shirts: Start with classic hues like navy or white for a polished business casual look, avoiding vibrant colors that may seem too casual.

  • Well Fitted Shirts: Opt for well-fitted shirts in classic solid colors like navy, blue, or white, which exude professionalism and versatility.

  • Style with Knitted Tops: Knitted cardigans or "swackets" offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional blazers, balancing formality with comfort throughout the day.

  • Comfort with Jeans or Chinos: Prioritize comfort and breathability with dark denim jeans or slim-fit chinos, maintaining a professional appearance even during video calls.

  • WFH Look with the Right Footwear: Choose comfortable yet stylish footwear like canvas sneakers, offering versatility and ease of pairing with various outfits.

March 25, 2022

The New WFH Wardrobe: Men's Style Guide for Remote Work

When working from home, comfort is key, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice professionalism. With a few adjustments to your usual work wardrobe, you can still dress for success even in a remote setting.

Psychologically, it's important to mirror your typical office attire while working from home. Dressing appropriately can help maintain focus, productivity, and a positive mindset throughout the day, especially with the prevalence of video calls and Zoom meetings. Being mindful of your appearance shows respect for the professional environment, even from your home office.

Creating a work from home wardrobe doesn't have to be complicated. By combining some of our suggested picks, you can create smart and stylish outfits suitable for your home office. We'll highlight some essential picks and explain why they work, offering guidance on what to wear for a cohesive and professional look from top to bottom.

Solid Colour Polos and T-Shirts

Begin your outfit with solid color polos and t-shirts for a polished appearance. Classic hues like navy or white serve as the foundation for a smart business casual ensemble. Avoid vibrant colors that may detract from the professional simplicity of your look.

Opting for solid colors over patterns or graphic tees is a more professional choice, given their understated elegance. Begin with neutral tones and expand from there. While you can incorporate bolder colors to make a statement, it's essential to have the neutral basics in place to provide a balanced canvas for your outfit.

Well Fitted Shirts

Choosing shirts that complement your body type is essential, favoring fitted styles over baggy clothing. A well-fitted shirt effortlessly exudes professionalism, with classic solid colors like navy, blue, or white being highly recommended.

There's a historical and psychological significance attached to wearing a solid white shirt. It's rooted in social history, where men who wore white were perceived to engage more in mental work than manual labor, thus avoiding stains. This concept has influenced men's fashion for years, making the simple white oxford or neutral button-down shirt a perfect addition to your work from home wardrobe. Explore our picks for men’s shirts tailored for your remote working outfit.

Style with Knitted Tops

In a more relaxed working environment, knitted tops offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional blazers. Swap out your usual attire for a knitted cardigan or jumper to strike the perfect balance between formal and casual.

Knitted cardigans or "swackets" (a combination of sweater and jacket) seamlessly blend the line between work and home attire. They provide a polished appearance while ensuring comfort throughout the day. Explore top choices from brands like Maurizio Baldassari, Gran Sasso, and Belstaff to enhance your WFH wardrobe. Discover our top swacket and cardigan picks tailored for the new remote work culture.

Comfort with Jeans or Chinos

When working from home, prioritize comfort and breathability by opting for jeans or chinos.

While video calls may only showcase your top half, dressing professionally from head to toe can boost productivity and motivation. Say goodbye to track pants and opt instead for smart yet comfortable bottoms.

A pair of dark denim jeans or a simple slim-fit chino is always a safe and stylish choice for your remote work attire.

WFH Look with the Right Footwear

Selecting the right footwear can help get your working brain into gear. Prioritize comfort and style over formality when choosing your work-from-home shoes.

A comfortable and stylish option to consider is a pair of canvas sneakers. Not only are they comfortable, but they also offer versatility, pairing well with a range of outfits, from smart to casual to athleisure. Opt for a simple sneaker design that allows for easy combination with the rest of your wardrobe.