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What to wear to a Communion or Confirmation - Men's Guide

Special occasion dressing: three words that have the power to send chills down the spine of any man. It’s little wonder that most men look to the security of their 9-5 business suit, which they might ‘jazz up’ with a punchy tie or smart-casual shirt to differentiate it from their work wear.

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These simple options will see any man through communions, confirmations and other upcoming summer events.

Special occasion dressing: three words that have the power to send chills down the spine of any man. It’s little wonder that most men look to the security of their 9-5 business suit, which they might ‘jazz up’ with a punchy tie or smart-casual shirt to differentiate it from their work wear.

But whether it’s a child’s First Holy Communion or Confirmation, a pre- or post-wedding function, or simply a social (or even work) event that calls for a little extra effort with your outfit, special occasion dressing should be an opportunity for every man to look his best.


The event itself is the key determinant of what will be most appropriate to wear—but other factors, including the time of the event, the season (warmer temperatures call for lighter fabrics or some considered layering) and, of course, your budget, will come into play, too, when dressing for a special occasion.


When a suit is too formal and smart-casual errs too much on the side of casual, your go-to outfit is the trusty blazer-and-trousers combo.

The modern blazer can stand on its own, with a structure and stiffness that sets it apart from an average suit jacket. It has been described as the “pivotal link between the worlds of formal and casual menswear attire.” And that’s why it’s a brilliant option for a special occasion.

There’s no set-in-stone dress code for blazers, however they should never be worn with matching (or similarly coloured) trousers. What you wear underneath and from the waist down is up to you, but if in doubt, a pair of grey fine wool trousers or cream chinos, for instance, and paired with a shirt and tie. A blazer is fail-safe option whose versatility is unmatched.


Beyond the security of a navy-blue blazer, there’s a wealth of choice. Green and red blazers are particularly on-trend. A dapper check number, meanwhile, can look classy so long as the rest of your outfit is understated, proving complementary as opposed to clashing.

green check blazer


For any event calling for a ‘dress to impress’ approach, you won’t need to look beyond a suit – it’s a timeless, ever-adaptable, sometimes maligned, but never improved uniform. And, better still, there is no man alive that won’t look like an enhanced version of himself in a razor-sharp suit.

But, of course, not all suits are created equal. What you’re looking for is an immaculately fitting suit that compliments your frame (and, if we’re really being fussy, skin tone) and marks you out as a man of class and distinction.

Choose a high quality suit that exudes sophistication. A timeless two-button, notch lapel blue, grey or navy suit, for instance, always looks refined, and will continue to for years to come.


Be sure to pay close attention to the fit of your suit. We provide complimentary alterations so you can be sure of the perfect fit. A few tweaks and minor alterations can transform your suit from ordinary to extraordinary.

mens formal suit


Smart-casual can be to some, a mind-boggling concept; but it’s essentially a wide-reaching dress code that strikes a balance between, smart and casual. Ripped jeans, for instance, or your favourite hoodie won’t make the grade. But a well-fitting open-neck shirtan understated fine-knit sweaterpolo shirt, or at a push, your favourite dark denims? Now you’ve got the idea!


As the aim of dressing smart casual is to strike a pleasing balance between two seemingly opposite styles, a simple yet surprisingly effective way to nail the look is to swap smart pieces for casual ones and vice-versa so that there’s a balance of smart and casual garments in your outfit. 


Since you’re dressing for a special occasion, it’s advisable to veer towards the smarter end of smart-casual. A tailored suit with an open-neck shirt, for example, is a contemporary and considered option. Then there’s the reassuring comfort of a high-quality crew-neck sweater, which can be paired with chinos or dark denims. Or, at its most simple, a pair of pristine, fitted trousers with a crisp shirt and highly polished footwear will see you pass sartorial muster almost anywhere that advises a smart-casual dress code.

light knit jumper


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What you’re looking for is a shirt that fits perfectly (no billowing sleeves, a sleeve length that is neither too long nor too short, comfortable but not loose around the neck) and is wrinkle- and blemish-free.


Your choice of footwear will be dependent on the rest of your outfit. Wearing a suit? Stick to the perennial classic formal shoes to put your best foot forward, literally. Working the smart-casual look? Loafers or, at the more casual end of the dress code, some contemporary trainers.



A pocket square is arguably the easiest (and often the most inexpensive) way to personalise your outfit– it takes just seconds to tuck it into the pocket of your suit jacket or blazer, but a well-chosen pocket square can instantly upgrade your look.


Special event dressing calls for a special effort, so you’ll want to get it right. If you’re short on time, devoid of inspiration or simply unenthused about the prospect of shopping for your outfit, why not avail of the professionals?

One of our customers, Denis recently availed of our personal shopping service in advance of his daughter’s Confirmation and was delighted with the results. Although initially reluctant to step out of his sartorial comfort zone, he was thrilled when our staff selected garments that he would not normally have considered wearing.

In addition to a stylish linen jacket, which he accessorised with a pocket square and teamed with slim-fitting chinos and an elegant shirt, he picked up a pair of smart leather loafers to complete his outfit. The end result? An unqualified success.

Book an appointment in one of our stores where our specially trained staff will select various garments and complete outfits that meet your budget requirements and will have you looking your very best for the occasion. You can also avail of our complimentary tailoring service, which will ensure you’re dressed to impress in perfectly fitting clothing.

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